Sunday, April 30, 2017

Greg Hearts Utah Snow

Posting snow pictures while the tulips are in full bloom seems a bit silly, but not as silly as not sharing them at all.  Rewind back to the beginning of March and we hosted more family from Long Island--Cousin Gregory!  Greg stayed for a week, spending lots of quality time on the ski slopes.  Hard to believe I once cradled this dapper dude as a week-old babe.

We dragged Greg to a Red Rocks University of Utah gymnastics meet on his first night here.

Annika's temporary tattoo ended up lasting for more than a week, much to Jason's horror.

With over 10,000 fans in attendance, the gymnastics meet was surprisingly awesome.

Jason skipped out of work one day to ski with Greg at Alta.  We had tons of fresh snow, so Greg was in heaven.  I personally think Jason really rocks Brooklyn's helmet, don't you?

Gregory John, the Utah mountains suit you well!

They look good on you too, PB.

On Saturday, Greg accompanied the entire family up to Brighton where kids 10 and under ski free.

We were all seriously impressed by Greg's skills in the fresh powder.

The big kids can handle just about any of the runs now, provided their snowplow is wide enough.

Greg rode with Annika for her very first time on the ski lift.

Without a doubt, she thought riding up the mini-mountain was way cooler than skiing down it.  Made it almost worth the interminably long lift line.

With so much skiing and snowboarding to be done, we didn't hang out tons at home.  However, our last supper together was pretty memorable.  Greg reminded me how years ago I made his whole family dine on sadza after I flew back from Zimbabwe.  Naturally we had to recreate the experience.  The kids certainly enjoyed eating on the floor.

Here's Jason dipping his sadza into the "relish" (the term for whatever dish accompanies your sadza.  For those who are unfamiliar, sadza is a Zimbabwean staple, eaten at nearly every main meal.  To make sadza, you vigorously stir corn meal into boiling water until the mixture becomes stiff enough to roll into a ball with your fingers.  (Be careful not to leave any lumps or you will have unwittingly made mbodza.)  As for our two relishes, I made one with tomato and onion, and the other from peanut butter and kale.  To be truly authentic, the tomato relish should have had a few chunks of goat meat.

Jason once more, looking (nearly) Zimbabwean.
Thanks so much for coming, Greg! We loved sharing the Utah snow, Salt Lake mountains, and our Avenues home with you.

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