Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quite the Conglomeration

Like many of my recent posts, this one is quite the conglomeration of random photos.  Hope you enjoy the mish mosh.

This is me in my happy place--reading to the kids.  I think this pic may have been taken a day or two after we moved into our new home.  Comfy carpet, jammies, and a good book.  What else do you need?

Next up, we have Eli holding the tooth fairy's latest acquisition.  Talk about a gap-tooth smile!

Coloring a mural in preschool...

...and playing Klask with my favorite monkeys.

Talia playing recorder during her class "Informance."  In Sibelius's honor, they played Finlandia and then sang it in Finnish.

Next up, art time at the main library.

The kids were creating impressionistic water lilies a la Monet.

Moving right along, here are Brooklyn and her friend working the cookie booth.  Speaking of which, we have extra s'mores cookies for sale, should anybody want some.

While the big girls were working the cookie booth, Jason and the littles set up our new trampoline.  We had three glorious weeks before an enormous tree came crashing down and destroyed the net.  (Sad sigh.)  More on that drama later...

Music and the Spoken Word is the perfect place to cultivate a gratitude attitude, despite life's rocky (or in the case of our tree, woody) challenges.  I feel blessed every time I get to share the experience with my daughter.

I don't remember for certain when this picture was taken, but I strongly suspect it was when we drove all the way up to Logan to mooch Sunday dinner off Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles.

A family pilgrimage to the "U".  What a traitorous cougar am I!

And a glimpse over the valley.

Our crazy lives truly are quite the conglomeration of chaos, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Crys said...

Kids look great. Come up to Idaho and you can have our net. Our kids just aren't dare devils so we never bothered to put it up 😂

Anonymous said...

From Webster's dictionary - Conglomeration: a mixed mass or collection. Although much of my career is devoted to categorizing, sorting, and organizing legal information so that it more accessible and useful, I see equal value in conglomerations of things.

The older I get, the more I like "something conglomerated". -- So, thanks again for your post, and keep others coming as your time and inclinations permit. I especially like your cozy family reading photo. Real life is made up of a series of choices, actions, snippets and events -- a conglomeration if you will. Merely report and capture the essence of the memories your photos supply as you encounter them. Your photos and accompanying commentaries truly help to 'beautify and give variety to the earth' ... and doing so is a sublime compliment to creation itself. ... Through it all, "Keep Smiling"!