Monday, November 02, 2015

Girls on the Run

How was everyone's Halloween?  Recovered from the sugar overload yet?  Knowing that we'd soon be receiving far too much candy, we began our celebrations this year with the perfect antidote: a 5K Race.

Brooklyn took a turn in the spotlight with her rainbow tutu and coordinating hair.  For the past two months, Brooklyn and Talia have both been training for this event through Girls on the Run.  I was originally kind of skeptical about the program (it's kind of pricey), but we  loved it.  The girls met twice a week with coaches at their school to not only train, but learn all sorts of great things about self-confidence, nutrition, positive relationships, and healthy lifestyles. 

Here's Brooklyn with her run buddy, Ariana.  Both girls love to read and immediately connected.

Part of what made the program so fantastic at Crestridge was the great support from administration and staff.  Their principal Ms. Schmid (a triathlete herself) ran right alongside all the girls.  Here she is pinning a lucky charm on Brooklyn's shoe.

Coach Keith, our fearless first-grade para, was the in-house expert in running and tutu making.  Mrs. Riha (Talia's second grade teacher) and Ms. LaMontia coached as well--even though neither of them have daughters that ran this year.  Talk about dedication!

Naturally Talia joined in the race decorating as well.  That blonde hair certainly makes a great canvas!

The Wheeler girls pose with a couple of their favorite mentors.

Talia's Run Buddy Erica was both sweet and adorable.  We're so glad she joined Crestridge this year!

With so much running fun going on, I naturally had to jump in.  Whaddaya think of my Halloween tights?

Papa K was feeling jealous that everyone else was getting all the attention, so he broke out his own decoration.  Ouch!  Looks painful.

Even if my folks are a bit, um, unusual, we're so glad they made the trip to Lincoln to join us for this celebration.

Annika (and Eli) were pretty good sports about being hauled around too.

Back to the girls, here are some of our favorite third graders, plus Brooklyn. 

The pre-race dance party was as much fun as the 5K itself.  Great way to keep warm!

And one last picture of the whole crew.
Yay, Crestridge!  You gals make us mothers proud.


Anonymous said...

This was a well planned and worthwhile event. All the girls seemed supportive of one another and nearly all of them finished their runs with a smile, or a close relative to a smile.

Remember it was halloween, Oct. 31st on race day. According to an anonymous source, Papa K. was not looking for extra attention with his safety pin nose gear; he was merely attempting to get in the disturbing, scary, halloween spirit. Keep smiling! Although the nose pin hurt, it didn't hurt as much as the Huskers loss to Purdue.

Crys said...

What a great program! You guys are all so adorable...especially your dad :)

Callie said...

Your girls make us ALL proud- and so does their mama. A tutu is always a fashionable choice- and I think those purple tights might disappear into my suitcase this December if you're not careful ;)

Susie said...

You guys had a busy Halloween Day! I didn't realize you had to go to Lincoln for the race. Love the tights, Kara! The girls looked like they had a delightful time. I am always impressed with what your dad conjures up:)