Sunday, November 08, 2015

Another Perfectly Wobbly Day

As you might have noticed from our last post, we recently skipped town and headed to a Wheeler family reunion in the Colorado Rockies.  Sure wouldn't mind having a mountain getaway like this on a permanent basis--it was amazing!

First order of business--becoming reacquainted with Baby Ruby.  Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

Brooklyn couldn't wait to hold her cousin.

Eager to steal the show, Annika started doing yoga on the living room floor.

Then she headed upstairs to climb all over Aunt Christy while Christy did her own poses, taking Table Top to a whole new level.

We had a lovely view of Pike's Peak right from our cabin...

...but on Friday we headed to the Garden of the Gods to see the mountains from a whole new angle.  Friday was pretty spectacular, not only because it represented another victorious Wheeler Wobble, but because it was Justin's birthday.

Christy designed some awesome Wheeler Wobble shirts which the grandparents generously printed.  LOVE 'EM!

Ready to race.

After puffing our way up the first hill, Talia and I decided that given our nasty colds and extreme altitude, a run/walk would be most appropriate. 

Personally, I really enjoyed taking in all the wildlife and scenery at a slower pace.  Notice the deer just off to the right.

Some pretty spectacular rock formations!  We were often reminded of Snow Canyon.

Even though we could have hung around gazing all day, we made it back in good time, knowing that Christy's delicious pecan rolls were waiting for us at the finish.  Yum!

After the race, we went back to do some more hiking and exploring.  Here's Talia leaping with Uncle Lance, this year's Wheeler Wobble Winner.

Looks like Christy and the Wheeler munchkins made it to the top!  (Notice Grandpa Charles's hand off to the side, making sure that Annika doesn't plummet to her death.)

So beautiful!

Cameo Time:  Christy and Eli,



Grandma Susie,

Grandpa Charles,


and Annika.  (Freedom!)

Stop, girls, stop!

Happy sisters.

With such a beautiful backdrop, we decided to try and grab a family photo.  I was definitely having hair issues--perhaps we were in a vortex?

My hair wasn't the only one going crazy though--check out Eli's!  (Or Jason's for that matter.)

This picture was the best of the bunch.

As long as we're on the subject of hair, the girls decided that Daddy's was finally long enough for pony tails.

Gorgeous, darling.  Gorgeous!

That evening, we celebrated Justin's birthday with a beverage and poetry party.  High points include Justin and Brianna's original Ode to the O (donut hole, that is) and Ben's "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut."  Too fun!

Grandpa Charles decrees: yet another perfect day.

Stay tuned for the grand finale.


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Hmmmm ... Colorado has so much to see and do. It is easy to see why "America the Beautiful" was composed on Pikes Peak. Great photos, and the love of family is the connecting thread. Keep smiling!