Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rocky Mountain High: Our Colorado Farewell

You can take a boy out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of a boy.  Given our family's fondness for altitude, it's not surprising our stint in Colorado came to an end far too quickly.  I love this picture of Jason with his baby girl, taken right outside the cabin.

How fun to have a matching picture of Justin with his baby girl!  Life is sweet.

On our last full day in Colorado, we donned our hiking gear once more.  While most of our kids are good hikers, Annika definitely is not (yet.) 

Somehow it seems much more appropriate for cute little Ruby Sue to be carried by her mama.

Whew!  Looks like Talia got all tuckered out. 

Kara and Jason share a happy couple moment.  Hard to believe nearly twelve years have flown by since our engagement!

Sunday brought church and ritual family photos.  Fortunately the weather wasn't nearly as chilly as some years.  Here we are trying to assemble the troops (and remove the baseball bat.)

I've decided that the "perfect" family photo simply doesn't exist.  I think this pic is the most flattering for some...

...and this pic is better for others.

By any standards, this is a fantastic couple pic of Ben and Christy.

We caught a close-up of Talia too before it was time to run off to church.

'Cause there's not better time for a Cousin photo.

As we all know, the very best family photos are the outtakes.  Officially dubbed our newest goofball, Annika refused to keep her tongue in her mouth.

Whoa, monster kid, what's up with the face?  We asked you to say cheese, but apparently Limburger's on the mind.

Or mint.  Whatever it is, Ben's definitely not a fan!

And on that happy note, we embark on our long drive back to Nebraska.  Mountains or not, we were so glad to be home.

It really is the Good Life.


Anonymous said...

The first photo featuring broad smiles on Jason and Annika (Daddy / Daughter) is fabulous ... and every photo after that is nearly as inspiring!

Thanks so much for keeping up this blog Milkweed. I realize it is a chore and that you have many demands on your time. However, your digital record is a tangible, ongoing blessing in my anonymous life, and I'm sure it is for others as well. A blog update from one, or both, of my daughters is like a warm ray of sunshine and hope in an inbox overflowing with obstacles, problems, frustrations and occasional opportunities. Keep Smiling!

Susie said...

Well said, anonymous! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and commentary of a fun four days together, Kara. These blogs will be treasured forever! The picture descriptions of Annie's and Ben's faces are hilarious!