Thursday, November 05, 2015

World's Best Snowstorm

It's November 5th and the weather is a balmy 65 degrees outside.  Woo hoo!  I love it.

Even though we've been celebrating this extended fall, a few weeks ago we had a brief taste of winter.  One Wednesday evening, we picked the kids up from school and drove straight through to Colorado Springs for a Wheeler family reunion.  When we finally got ourselves up in the morning, we discovered this: snow!

It was great to become reacquainted with family, but even greater to do so via a snowball fight.  Here's Uncle Ben taking aim.

The stealthy guy sneaking behind the cabin is Uncle Justin. 

Lance is grabbing pictures.

Justin goes in for the kill...

...but boom, Ben blocked it!

Jason shoots...

Ben returns...

Then out of nowhere, Eli fires!  Good arm, buddy.

Splat!  Talia makes her target...

Then ducks under the table for cover.

Meanwhile, Christy opts for a calmer route, having learned the hard way that getting caught in her brothers' crossfire can be rather painful.  (Sorry about that!)

Time for some sledding!

Brooklyn sure seems to be enjoying the snow.

Much to my surprise, Annika absolutely loved it as well.  We were unprepared for snow, so I stuck socks on her hands to take the place of mittens. 

We fully expected Annie to come back inside after thirty seconds, but she wandered around in her pajamas and rain boots for nearly an hour.  Too cute!

Hmm, looks like Talia might have an idea up her sleeve.

Eli, are you going to join in?

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Annika, that snow ball's bigger than you are!

This tall guy's taking shape nicely.

Hey look, it's an entire snow family!  Great job, Grandpa Charles.

Say cheese!  From left to right it's Talia, Charles, Justin, Lance, and of course the snow cats.

Amazingly enough, the snow melted after just a few hours, leaving only slight traces of the snow creatures that had once graced that very spot.  A few magical hours of snow fun, then warmth for the rest of our vacation.

Now that's what I call the perfect snowstorm.

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Susie said...

AND Dad didn't have to shovel! For sure the perfect snowstorm plus an absolutely wonderful get-together. Fun pictures!