Monday, October 12, 2015

My Husband, the Olympic Gold Medalist

Okay, so I know I claimed to be all done posting about the Wabash Trace Marathon, but apparently I lied.  Just a couple days ago I remembered a story that is too funny not to share. 

During the awards ceremony following the race, the announcer went on and on about Shenandoah's own Missy Rock, the 1st place female finisher who is training for the Olympic trials.  We also heard about her amazing runner husband who already owns an Olympic gold medal.  Still speaking of Missy's husband, the announcer looks down, sees Jason smile, and points, "This must be the guy!"  It's hard to say who blushed more: Missy or Jason.  She quickly started sputtering corrections while Jason threw up his hands and said, "I'm just the photographer!"  (He'd been temporarily assigned the job by the race director.)  As if this wasn't funny enough, the announcer just kept going on, talking about how Jason looked like such an athletic guy that he assumed he must be the one. 

Here's where I really have to chuckle.  We were hanging out at a marathon.  No offense, but there were quite a few athletic looking guys hanging around.  But apparently, my husband is the Olympic-gold-medaliest looking of them all.  (Not to make you jealous ladies, but yeah, I struck pay dirt.)

As long as I'm bragging about my gold medal hubby, I thought I'd share a few Olympic sized accomplishments:

1)  As of July 22nd, Jason is officially a licensed architect.  Hooray!  5 years of undergrad, 4 years of grad school, 7 licensing exams, and 4 more years earning IDP credits, and what does he get?  A half-sheet of paper just one step up from a social security card and one step down from a birth certificate.  I told Jason that the kids' kindergarten graduation certificates are more impressive.  No matter.  We are still so very proud of our Daddy.

2)  So I know Jason probably won't consider these quick sketches from General Conference to be all that impressive, but if I could draw like Jason for just one day, I would consider it a lifetime accomplishment.  Add in the special spiritual dimension of these drawings, and I think they're Olympic worthy.

3)  Thoughtful and considerate, Jason not only notices when people need help, but he takes the initiative to do something about it when most of us might walk on by.  Jason, in case you ever forget the difference you make, remember the bike for Ering.

Peanut Butter, Olympic medal or no, in the eyes of Jelly you've already won gold.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree that Jason Wayne Wheeler (the III'd -- a "local" title adaptation)is a deserving gold medalist in many ways! He is not only a good, hardworking, and loyal architect, husband, father, sketch artist, handyman,leader, and friend -- but he is tolerant of, and very patient with, his father-in-law. Thank you & Keep Smiling!

Jason said...

Thanks Kara! Now if only they had a certificate for best friend, brilliant writer, quiet volunteer, incredible mom, supportive wife, astounding taxi driver, not to mention with the most amazing green eyes...

Susie said...

That was quite the funny moment! Yea, we are mighty proud of that young man! AND the two of you make an incredible team :). You have been a wonderful support for him.