Sunday, August 18, 2013

Governor's Island

Before attempting to drive across the entire United States of America (excepting California), we talked with all of our children about interesting things they might see and experience in New York--you know, stuff that would make the long trip worthwhile.

For Eli, the bait was simple--trains.  More than anything, he wanted to go to New York and ride a train.  So one Saturday in July, we purchased Family Fare tickets on the Long Island Railroad and headed into the city.

Eli was enthralled, staring out the window the entire time.
Our destination?  Governor's Island.  This gem of a public space is located 1/2 a mile off the southern tip of Manhattan and is accessible by free ferry.  The island is only open on weekends during the summer and early fall.  Even so, I can't believe I'd never been there before.  My only regret is that we didn't have time to stay longer.
They had a special exhibit featuring old French carousels while we were there.  Here's Talia riding the dragon.

I worried that Eli might freak out as this rickety wooden dragon gained speed, but he had a blast.

This piece of public art reminded me of "The Bean" in Chicago's Millenium Park.  The outside was created using thousands of empty milk jugs.

The inside featured thousands of water bottles.

Brooklyn marvels at all the plastic bottles we use.
I can never pass up a chance to shoot a picture of my hubby.
Case in point.

It's good to know that Central Park isn't the city's only expansive green space.

This game cracked me up.  I think the goal is to shoot the ball through the giant hula hoops attached to the verdant helmets.

Talia, getting all wrapped up in the art.

And here's Talia again, chatting with some friendly New Yorkers during the ferry ride home.

Jason was pretty tired on the ride home.  His work in New York has been exhausting--the commute to Long Island equally so.

Brooklyn was happy to entertain our Annabelle.

Some faces you just have to kiss,

Kara gets a turn with her darling.

My favorite part of this picture is the random guy peeking through.

Sweet dreams, amor.

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Julie L said...

Never heard of Governor's Island, but what a fun place to go to play. I agree -that random guy peeking through the photo is really funny. But I love the sleeping royalty, too. What an amazing world we live in!