Saturday, August 17, 2013

Because Photos Make Me Happy

I still have SO many pictures to sort through from New York and Vermont and Niagara and Omaha and Logan and the start of school--it's horrifying.  And yet, here I am, sharing yet a few more from our initial Omaha visit.  Why?  Because they make me happy.

This photo, taken over Memorial Day weekend, sums up everything wonderful and good in life.

So these giant flowers are totally the rage right now.  I personally think they look rather ridiculous and that all the bald babies are just compensating.  Even though Annika's hair makes a statement of its own, we still had to dress her up as a peony, if only to demonstrate the absurdity of fashion.

Another picture of the zip line, reminding us of all the fun we had on it.  Thanks Papa K!

So my Mom doesn't much enjoy having her photo taken, but doesn't this picture capture the love of a grandma?

Too cute!  Talia's kindergarten teacher knitted this hat for baby Annika.  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

I love the expressions in this next set of pictures.  Annika's wondering, "What's going on here?"

"Hey, this is fun!"

"Wait, I can't see!"

"I'm glad that we're sisters."

All of the kids camped out in my old bedroom at NomiAnn's house.  Eli slept in his Cars bed--sort of.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, could often be found in exactly this position, pouring through the books that we uncovered while cleaning out the basement.  The kids loved creating their own library--imaginative play that made their librarian grandfather mighty proud.

Papa Kay reads about Olivia going to the Circus.
And here we are, just about to attend the Barnum and Bailey circus in downtown Omaha.

Of course, we have a circus of our own at home.  On  a bad hair day, Annika's hair certainly resembles a lion's mane.  I'd cry too!

Painting together.  The tongue thing must be genetic.

At the wildlife safari.  Brooklyn is very interested in studying Native American lifestyles at the moment.

So did the Plains Indians also love tic tacs?

One afternoon we took a trip to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs. 

While there, we saw this newspaper advertisement for Pony Express riders and thought of our own young, skinny, wiry feller in New York.  Jason, we know you're an expert metro rider, but try not to risk death daily as your children prefer not to be orphans.

Flying the kites that Aunt Callie sent.

And finally, proof that we are indoctrinating our children early on to be Nebraska cornhuskers.
Mom and Dad, thank you for the absolutely lovely summer.  You made us so very welcome and reminded us that the Midwest is a great place to be.


Maria Babin said...

Lovely photos and I LOVE that lion's mane! Classic shot! Bisous xo

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: use photoshop to edit out Papa Kay's "recliner feet" in the first photo. Otherwise the "dogpile on daddy" photo is spectacular!