Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brooklyn In Brooklyn

Okay, so this post isn't just about Brooklyn being in Brooklyn.  It's about our first foray as an entire family into our favorite borough.  But hey, you've got admit that it's a little unusual that Jason lives in Brooklyn in an apartment named "The Breukelen" with a firstborn child named Brooklyn.  Talk about overkill!  Brooklyn may be a pretty popular name out west, but in the city people find it a bit strange.

We drove into Brooklyn so that we could pick up Jason's suitcases since he was moving out for the month of July.  We found a nearby parking space, and my mother bravely parallel parked the minivan to a symphony of ever honking horns.  Things were much more peaceful once we made it to the apartment's rooftop garden.

I wish I had a photo scrapbook of the amazing places I've nursed.

Can you spy the Statue of Liberty?

I don't think it gets much more idyllic than Brooklyn Heights--the charm of Manhattan's skyline without being smothered by it.

Let's not forget we celebrated our tenth anniversary from this very spot.

There's the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dad, sharing the city with his children.  I hope they remember this moment.

The kids then got their first introduction to the subway as we caught a train to Prospect Park.  Check out Brooklyn's face!

Talia likewise thought it was noisy.

A combination of happy and all worn out.
 Prospect Park was lovely--we caught an outdoor concert by the New York Philharmonic.  (I was secretly hoping that the soloist might inspire one of the kids to play the cello.)  Beautiful as the evening was, we slipped out before the fireworks to get some dinner at the Shake Shack.  NomiAnn agreed that the join lives up to its great reputation.

And here are our munchkins just before unloading them at home.  In case you're worried, they traveled with their seat belts buckled.
It may have been an exhausting day, but we were delighted that Brooklyn et al. had a positive experience in their namesake city.

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