Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dory McGovern

I posted earlier about some wonderful visits from friends and family.  Well, this post highlights a trip we made to visit some very special family: my mom's aunt Dorothy McGovern.  It took a little work to track down her address, but it was well worth the effort.  The last time we met was in upstate New York while I was expecting Brooklyn.  Much has happened since then, including the loss of Dorothy's husband Jim, but as you can see from the pictures, Dory looks happy and vibrant as ever.

Here's Dory with Annika Mae.  I don't know what my Grandma Helen would look like were she still alive, but I imagine it might be a bit like her sister.  I can remember seeing my Aunt Dory after my grandmother's funeral and feeling confused as a child.  I knew my grandmother was in the casket, yet this woman standing in front of me looked similar and sounded just the same.

Four generations:  Cathy Ann Wells Andrus, Kara McCall Andrus Wheeler, Dorothy Riddoch McGovern, and Annika Mae Wheeler.  Dory told us a few interesting family history stories, such as how my Scottish great grandparents originally intended to emigrate to New Zealand.  For some reason, they stopped off in Brooklyn and never left.  I guess Callie and Adam can trace back their kiwi-wannabe heritage.

Stepping out of the apartment to play--Brooklyn loved the swing.

Eli appears lost in thought.

Ahoy, ye landlubbers!

And a spunky family photo.  All Sundays should be this lovely!

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