Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remembering Christmas

My father always claimed that nothing flees faster than the Christmas spirit. So before the season is gone completely, here are a few photos of Christmas day. Christmas 2011 was particularly special for us since it was the first time we've celebrated the holiday in a home of our own. Here's our living room on Christmas morning. Snow or no, Santa must have found his way to St. George.
Dividing up the packages Christmas morning. Oh, it's so hard to wait to open them!
Talia says, "This one's for you!"
Pogo sticks were one of the girls' favorite Christmas surprises.
We also gave them two tiny water frogs, much to Jason's chagrin. (He was the one who got stuck taking care of the last water frogs that only survived a few days...) Fortunately, the new ones are doing much better, even if I don't have a photo. I think it would be hilarious to name them "sapo" and "crapaud." Both names mean "toad" in Spanish and French respectively, and believe it or not, they rhyme. The girls, however, aren't buying it. They would prefer to call them both Emily since they can't tell them apart anyway...

Back to the photos, here's Talia with the perfect shirt, courtesy of Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles.
And here's Eli, happy as can be, with his new digger.
Among other things, Jason got new socks. A good thing too, since he usually wears two pair at a time (although rarely on his head.)
Meanwhile, Kara happily lazed on the couch with Zoe, who zonked out for the entire morning.
Our pug did perk up for little while to check our her new ornament. There's kind of a resemblance...
The best Christmas surprise of all, however, came from NomiAnn and Papa Kay. In order to solve the mystery, the kids had to put together a poster-sized puzzle and decode the poem on the back.
The puzzle was challenging, but once finally assembled, this is what it read: (See if you can identify the anonymous hand inspiring this cheesy poetry.)
Once upon a time,
Three children fine
Dreamed of a place in Anaheim.

For three days and nights
They enjoyed sublime sights.

Buttermilk will be classy!
Reddi Wip will be snappy!
Cheeze Stik will be happy!

Dad will be patient
Mom will be pleasant
Papa Kay will have tic-tacs...
Nomi-Ann will have Fruit Snacks...

ALL will offer a loving hand
For a special trip to Disneyland!!!

"Keep Smiling."
Yup, clever folks, indeed! A three-day vacation to Disney. Wahoo! It truly was sublime.

Not to be outdone by Papa Kay's poetry, NomiAnn made absolutely beautiful character costumes for our trip. Here's Talia looking even more blonde than usual...
NomiAnn, helping Brooklyn dress for the ball...
And bibbity bobbity boo, Talia and Brooklyn are transformed into Rapunzel and Cinderella.
A closer look at Rapunzel with her gorgeous locks. I'd write more about these amazing costumes, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks, Mom!

Naturally, Eli's Prince Charming costume was equally adorable, but he was too busy still playing with his truck to be bothered with trying it on.
And, the aftermath. It's just not Christmas without piles of paper!
Despite January cold and gray, may you all enjoy a bit of lingering Christmas cheer.


Susie said...

It's great to be able to be part of your Christmas celebration via your post and pictures. Thanks so much. It looks like a delightful joyous day!

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