Monday, January 09, 2012

Bryce Canyon

Since much of the world seems to be missing its wintry white blanket, I thought I'd begin the Christmas photo catch-up by sharing pictures from a December day trip to snowy Bryce Canyon.
We ventured out to Bryce Canyon with my parents, who drove all the way from Nebraska to spend the holidays with our family. The kids were thrilled to see NomiAnn and Papa Kay, particularly during Tic Tac Time. Here's NomiAnn getting Eli all bundled up.
All ready to go!
The Bryce Canyon amphitheaters are absolutely stunning. If you haven't seen these hoodoos, I recommend you add them to your bucket list for life.
Just in case you need more convincing...
The girls were ecstatic to experience their first snow for the season--that is, until their feet got cold.
Time for a snowball fight!
Talia, just kickin' around.
Cute as a button.
Eli wonders, is there a purpose to all of this?
Here's Papa Kay, working his way along what we hoped was a trail.
NomiAnn and Kara, sludging their way through as well.
Jason and Eli look happy.
In the end, we turned around when the snow reached our thighs, fearing that someone might unintentionally toboggan their way through the hoodoos. Still, everyone stayed in good spirits, including the mini-van. Look closely--you may spot a familiar reindeer! (Courtesy of Papa K, the gimmick master, of course.)
Warning: Surrounding oneself with such beauty may spark feelings of romance.

I think we all should try it.


Jenika said...

Beautiful images, so fun to check in on your family and see you thriving. Bryce Canyon has a special place in my heart because it was named after my great-great-great grandfather...and yet, I've never been there. Definitely on the bucket list, thanks for reminding me. Happy 2012!

Brian and Tonya said...

Awww I'm jealous. I love Bryce canyon and have been meaning to get there to see it blanketed in snow for years. Now I really want to go even more.

Anonymous said...

We were very fortunate that our tan Rudolph, complete with car antlers, did not take a bullet over the holidays. Deer hunting is very important to most citizens of the beehive state. It was likely the roof rack and missing tail that saved us! Now that firearms are allowed in National Parks ... I guess we were twice blessed. Ok, ok, I'm exaggerating a bit. However, it is not possible to overstate the beauty of the colorful snow-capped canyon features. Keep Smiling!