Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zoe Love

For today's episode of Christmas Catch-Up, I thought I'd introduce our cutest visitor, Zoe the Pug. Zoe traveled all the way from Nebraska with NomiAnn and Papa K to be cuddled/smothered by her adoring cousins. For those who may not remember, Zoe has been adopted by the grandparents while her real parents, Aunt Callie and Uncle Adam, work in New Zealand. At the moment, they're vacationing on the beach in Samoa. Am I jealous? Absolutely. Zoe, however, loves any couch, no matter where in the world it may be.
Here she is gearing up before her big trip.
Snoozing some more in the van on the way to Utah.
It's a good thing she rested so much, because from the moment she arrived, it was constant loving.
Here's Talia taking Zoe for a hike through Snow Canyon State Park.
Eli wanted to walk Zoe too, but being about the same size, she tended to tip him over.
Pausing for a rest.
Happy conquerors of Johnson's Canyon--Papa Kay, NomiAnn, Zoe, and Talia.
Eli and Zoe hang out at Brooklyn's school playground.
Starting to wear out, Zoe enjoys a snuggle from Grandma.
And of course, no day would be complete without ample bonding time from Papa Kay. My father's infatuation with Zoe is both endearing and slightly alarming. No one knows how he will ever manage to give her back.
At long last, rest. Talia and Zoe are forever pals.

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Callie said...

We're finally back from Samoa and able to check the blog...and wouldn't you know it - there's our little girl looking so happy. She's never going to want to come home with us after the last couple of years of you guys spoiling her. We are so lucky and so grateful for such a supportive, loving family...even of a snub faced little tail wagger. Miss you guys all the time. Can't wait to hear more about Disney!