Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Fun for the New Year

Never ones to bypass an adventure, we rang in the New Year yesterday by going tubing at Brian Head. Long lines followed by a few moments of excitement and thrill--we felt just like we were back at Disney! (More on that later.) Here are Brooklyn and Talia, seen as the two dots on the right.

A closer view of Brooklyn.

And a couple shots of Talia.

Kara loved the adventure as well.

The only one who didn't like tubing was Eli. He was a little nervous being dragged up the hill by the tow rope, and wide-eyed as he blazed his way down. Afterward, he smiled and acted like he wanted to go again, but when we got to the top he started to bawl. Unfortunately, safety regulations prohibit more than one rider on a tube, so we had no choice but to send the poor little tike down all on his own. After that, he sulked in his tube for the rest of the morning.

At least he looked dapper in his snowsuit!

Jason likewise looked handsome with his tousled hair.

Talia, looking somewhat Swedish.

And Brooklyn, demonstrating what happens if you travel with braids all the way from California, wear them to church the next morning, and then go tubing the next day. (Needless to say, baths were top priority when we got home.)

Brooklyn's Daisy Girl Scout Leader, Cari.

Cari's older daughter, Sofia.

And her adorable little girl, Chloe. Unlike Eli, Chloe is a die-hard thrill-seeker who loved speeding down the mountain.

The entire Girl Scout group.

And a Happy New Year wish from all of us!


Anonymous said...

Wow ... Look at all the snow! There appears to be much more snow at Brian Head than we saw at either Vail or Breckenridge on our drive home. You have such an active, wonderful family! Keep Smiling!

The Favorite said...

Very Very Fun! Glad you go to play in the snow :)

Erin said...

You guys have so much fun. Will you please come visit us in San Antonio so we can have fun with you?

Susie said...

Fun! Looks like it was a beautiful day. A lot more snow there than we have way up north here!

Julie L said...

What a fun day! Hard to believe you live in such a warm area and are so close to such a cold one! St. George in the winter has to be the perfect place to be! Definitely Brian Head got the snow, northern Utah did not!

candice said...

How fun!!!!!

Chou said...

Snow!!!! :)