Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Peanut Butter, From Jelly

This is a special moment. Brooklyn's at school, Talia's at preschool, and Eli's napping. I have 45 minutes all to myself before I have to wake up the baby, pick up from preschool, pick up from school, return library materials, buy cookies for the PTA bake sale, and head back to the school to volunteer at the International Dance Festival for the rest of the evening. I could be washing the floor, folding laundry, scrubbing the toilets, cleaning out the car, or even making cookies from scratch for the aforementioned bake sale.

I'd much prefer, however, to spend my free moment bragging about this guy.

Isn't he dapper? You see, I miss this fellow. He happens to be in Boston right now reuniting with the other Rose Fellows, all of whom are great architects-in-training, but none of whom are nearly as charming.

So how do I know this fellow loves me? Well, he builds me planter boxes for one thing. Isn't this terrific?

He also changes stinky diapers, takes out the trash, and regularly waters the fruit trees. Most of all, Jason does a fantastic job of showing how much he cares by sharing of his time. Recently we've started playing racquetball once a week at the recreation center. Drop the kids off at childcare, and voila, a free date night. :) I am absolutely terrible, but it doesn't matter because it's time spent together. It took eight years of marriage before I finally dared to reveal my astounding lack of coordination. But through eight years of marriage, Jason's proven again and again how he'll love me anyway.

Jason's had a lot of exciting things going on lately. In addition to work, he recently took the first of seven architectural licensing exams and has another scheduled for October. And, despite the heat and some shin troubles, he's training for the St. George marathon on October 1st. No matter how the race goes, anyone who trains through a St. George summer is already a winner!

Jason arrives back in Utah on September 29th, but that seems awfully long to be missing my better half. Plus, it's been an awfully long time since I've seen the East coast. Whaddaya say Peanut Butter? Rumor has it that the only thing Jelly wants for her birthday is a hug. :)


Tiffany said...

I love how you guys are "peanut butter and jelly", so cute.

I'm sure Jason is all set, but if he needs anything while in Boston, tell him to call us, we just moved here in August.

Julie L said...

Sweet. Love the flower box - and lucky you, it can have flowers blooming all winter! There is a plus side to St. George. Good luck with being Mrs. Dad this week, too. Glad it's just a short time.

Sean just left Linzy with her one week old baby to attend class in Florida for six months. At least he can come home this time for breaks here and there...(compared with Iraq and Korea) but my heart still breaks for Linzy and the kids. There are parts about a job with the Army that are not so desirable, I think. said...

What a lovely flower box - it looks like it was put together by a professional! And the flowers are so gorgeous too!

Kes LT said...

Wow, guys, seeing your itinerary feels like there are more than 24 hours in a day! Please share your secret with another part of the globe!!!