Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom, See? I'm Two!

Guess who's growing up?

Our little baby Eli isn't such a babe anymore. On Friday he officially celebrated his second birthday.

We ate train cupcakes in honor of Eli's fascination with "choo choos." They were actually surprisingly easy to make--just some starbursts, skittles, and good-n-plenty cargo.

Blowing out the candles is a family event. The girls tried to teach Eli, but he just blew raspberries instead.

As for the eating, Eli can handle that all out by himself. This time, however, he preferred to play with his food.

Mama's Boy.

Our friends, the Bassos joined us at Cottonwood Park to celebrate Eli's special day. This park is fantastic fun for kids and adults alike, right Jason?

Seven kids six and under always makes for a party. :)

Brooklyn's friend Anna blends right into the family with her white blond hair.

Anna's little sister Sara may have a touch of brunette, but she's so cute we'd claim her anyway.

Anyone want a Talia rag-a-muffin? Just kidding, she's not for sale... usually.

While we saved most of the presents to open on Saturday, we did let Eli open a big package to go along with the train theme. Thanks Nomi-Ann and Papa Kay! As you can see it was a chug-a-chug hit.

Eli's new favorite pastime is pushing his sisters all over. I love how they've turned this individual toy into a team effort.

Eli, it's a bitter-sweet moment for a Mom as she watches her baby-baby grow up. Over the last few months you've started to change so rapidly, developing into your own little man. You've swapped your babyish innocence for a devilish desire to tease your sisters and intentionally turn over every water glass. Much to my horror, you've recently started to initiate conversations with kids at the playground with a push instead of a hello. The world is a giant science experiment for you, full of new opportunities to press limits and discover exactly what will happen if you try X, Y, or don't-you-dare--I-can't-believe-you-just-did-that!-Z.

And yet, you still love to snuggle and nestle your head into my shoulder. When I fetch you from your crib each morning, you smile and pant like a puppy. You love to color, picking up a crayon at every opportunity, then doodling with surprising meticulousness for a two year-old. You crave affirmation and will toddle around the house patting my legs and saying, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, see, see, see, see?" until I praise your picture, even if I have already commented on each of the fourteen circles you drew already. Your speech is taking off like rapid fire as you now mimic everything and have many new words of your own. Even so, all parents remain "Mom" and all siblings are called "Talia."

Ever your grandfathers' son, you love books and will bring over piles and piles of them to be read at bedtime. Most of the time, however, you try to carry too many and cry in frustration because you can't carry them all at once. And, despite your sisters' best attempts to convert you to pink baby dolls, you are absolutely enthralled with everything boy, breaking out into high-pitched squeals and exclamations at the sight of cars, buses, and trucks. "Mom, mom, mom, mom, see, see, see, see?"

Yes, sweet Eli, I see. I see that you are becoming your own little person with dreams and desires all of your own. I see that even though you are still cute as ever with a smile that will melt every heart, you no longer want to be just a baby anymore. It's time to let you grow.

And so, little man, may we all wish you once more, a delightful 2nd birthday.


Chou said...

Oh, happy birthday Eli! We wish we were there to celebrate with you. What a lovely post.

Julie L said...

So sweet. I forgot that Eli and Karsyn are so close in age. He is a sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Eli! (Loved the train cupcakes - great idea!)

Susie said...

Yes, Happy, happy birthday Eli! We love you! The pictures and sentiments are wonderful.

Crys said...

Oh my he is growing up so fast! What a cutie! Happy birthday Eli :)

Justin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EASY-E! Wish we could have eaten a couple of those cupcakes. And we would have let you push us around on your train too. Miss you bunches! -Uncle Justin and Aunt Brianna

Brittney Richards said...

My baby Eli can't be a toddler already. He is still so cute. Happy Birthday little man. I wish I could have celebrated with you - we could have had a joint birthday party. I'll always remember how excited you got everytime I came over - even if you don't remember me anymore.

Callie said...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I'm happy to be Aunt Talia forever so long as you keep that precious smile. We love you so much!