Friday, September 09, 2011


I don't know why I'm on such a Talia-ism kick lately, except that 4 year-olds are hilarious.

Lest you be fooled into thinking that Talia is gentle and restrained after yesterday's Tschaikovsky post, let me share tonight's dinner commentary.
Talia (viciously ripping off the end of a hot dog): "Let's pretend we're eating human legs... Real ones!"

Glad to know I've raised a cannibal.


Erin said...

Someday we have to get our families together. I think the kids would have such fun together.

Susie said...

Ha! Ha! How hilarious! I'm looking forward to first hand experiences in a couple of weeks. Wait, maybe not quite THAT kind of first hand experience! I'll keep my distance at mealtimes!

Anonymous said...

Two cannibals were having supper. “Your wife makes great soups” said one to the other. “Yes” agreed the first, “but I am going to miss her terribly.”

Brian and Tonya said...

Buahaha. So cute!!!