Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Of Quiche and Scarves

Several weeks ago I had somewhat of a surreal experience when I looked up and realized that there was a Frenchman baking quiche in my kitchen.

Meet Jean Baptiste, more commonly known as JB. JB is a friend of Jason's from both Illinois and France. They met in architecture school in Champaign, then hung out together for a week in Paris during our overseas sojourn. This time JB crashed our home for a few days instead of the inverse.

Life in our home is always chaotic. I admit that I felt pretty hesitant about subjecting a stranger to the noise and confusion. Fortunately, JB and the kids still bonded, despite the commotion.

And of course, the quiche was outstanding. Good thing, too, considering the fact that the gruyere cost $16 a pound! Okay, a funny story: JB accidentally spilled all over the floor while baking the quiche. Eggs were splattered literally from wall to wall. The absurd mess struck me as so comic that I wanted to take a picture, but I finally decided against it because it looked so disgusting--think vomit. When I told JB this, he started to chuckle because apparently the French have an idiom where tossing your quiche is equivalent to Americans tossing their cookies.

Jason took some time off of work so that he could show JB some of St. George's natural wonders. Here's JB after biking uphill ten miles to Snow Canyon State Park. Please note the scarf, despite the 110 degree weather.

And here are Jason and JB in Zion National Park. That scarf made it all the way to Angel's Landing!

The scarf and JB are united yet again as they hike with Talia in cooler Pine Valley.

What can I say? C'est la mode.


Julie L said...

So apparently scarves are the fashion statement for the day. Just didn't know they were for the guys, too. So what's hot (literally as well as figuratively, I guess) in France today has got to be hot in U.S.A. tomorrow. Better stock up on the scarves (here in Novia Scotia they are all over the place).

Chou said...

Fun! I didn't know that about tossing a quiche. ;)

Susie said...

Oh, we saw scarves, jackets, etc., all over the place in Paris. It reminded me of when you lived in Lyon and everyone was bundled up in 70 degree weather. I was wandering the streets of Paris in short sleeves and capris. I imagine I was very obviously American!!