Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Toy Monster Eats Her Words

On most days, when I get positively fed up with the mess in the girls' room, the "toy monster" threatens to come visit and gobble up anything left on the floor. Once I set the timer, the girls generally know that I mean business and scurry to pick up their things before they get taken away.

Yesterday, however, the toy monster's threat was answered by furtive whispering and secretive conversation between Brooklyn and Talia. Much to my surprise, they fetched me even before the alarm went off. "We're done! You can take away everything that's left."

I went downstairs to discover that the girls had strategically left everything that they no longer wanted in a pile on the floor--their combs, hair ties, a brush, and several pairs of Talia's pants. I guess they figured that if the toy monster took these goodies away, they'd get to wear skirts every day and never do hair again in their life!

What can I say? The toy monster's been outsmarted.


candice said...

That's hilarious!

Callie said...

With smarties like those little munchkins, you are in so much trouble. You know what they say about "what goes around...?"

Susie said...

What clever children you have. They definitely know how to use their brains! Watch out world--here they come!

Brianna said...

Loved this, so funny.