Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pretty Stinky


The number of hours since our water supply line broke. While my dear, sweet, kind, wonderful, resourceful, and talented hubby has worked on it all day, the pipe keeps breaking farther and farther back beneath the loose retaining wall they put in this summer. And so here it is, 9:30 at night, and he is still digging in the pitch-black and freezing weather. Bless him.


The number of hours since anyone flushed a toilet. Or truly washed their hands. Or bathed. The sink is overflowing with dishes. The hampers are stuffed with an entire vacation's worth of dirty laundry. (Not that it matters much since the washer's still broken.)

Oh, and did I mention that our minivan is now resting in the parking lot of the Home Depot where it broke down?

I don't mean to whine, but we could sure use a turn of good fortune by tomorrow or the very latest next year. Life is getting pretty stinky around here!


Becca said...

Good luck. It is hard when everything is happening all at once. I remember right after we moved into our house a lot happened. The worst being the sump pump the stopped working and me walking down to a flooded basement. There were too many blessing in it, but it is never fun. Good luck.

tweedlediva said...

Lame. Very lame. Looks like we could both use a vacation. Bahamas? :0)

Bruce Richards said...

You are making me less excited about the house we put an offer on.

Julie L said...

ummm, your computer's still working?

Very bad "come home to" following a great vacation. Hoping things went better today. Happy New Year - let it bring wonderful things.