Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lista de deseos

Last week Brooklyn brought home her "Lista de deseos" (wish list) for Santa written in Spanish. I thought I'd share this one too since it's different from the first. Interestingly enough, her spelling is generally better in Spanish since español is very syllabic.

Mi lista de deseos: (My Wish list)

perro (dog)
jugetes (juguetes--toys)
calores (colores--crayons)
caramelos (candy)
mas amigos (more friends)
gato (cat)
mas elmano (más hermanos--more brothers)

Oh boy.


Becca said...

That was cute. It looks like a hard list to fill though. I love the more brothers one:)

Mrs. M said...

I guess you will have to work on more brothers for next year:)

Ashlee said...

Good luck with that list Santa!