Saturday, May 02, 2009


With April slipping away into May, I've been reminded of a minor fact that pretty much completely escaped my attention--I graduated!

After two crazy Illinois years of scheduling-swapping, kid-switching chaos, I finally earned my Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language. To tell the truth, the conclusion was pretty anti-climatic. While I finished up my comprehensive exams and major coursework last spring, I still had one piddly online elective course to finish over the summer. Worse yet, this class required that I complete an outside project and reflection project that was due in the fall. Talk about dragging out the end!

All in all, with the stress of preparing for our move to France, my almost-graduation was understandably overlooked last spring. After all, I wasn't really done! But as everyone else gets ready to don their mortarboard hats and gowns this spring, I thought I'd join in the festivities and give myself a good pat on the back.

Here's a photo that Jason took of me about an hour after I mailed off my final paper last September. Oh, it feels so good to be done!

And, a long overdue round of applause for the handsome man whose support made it all possible. Thanks, Peanut Butter.


chou said...

Master Kara,we salute you! :)

Mrs. M said...

Hooray for the MA!

Laura D'Onofrio said...

hehe, you called him peanut butter. I call my man Honey bunches of oats. :P