Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Me Potty Toilet"

Two days ago, I had the perfect punch line for this post. It went something like follows:
Landmark day today: Talia used the potty twice, and the second time she even remembered to take off her underwear!

Unfortunately for the blog humor yet fortunately for me, she then proceeded to have about an 85% success rate on her very first day of potty-training, followed by another day of almost-perfection.

What can I say? We're just amazing parents that have this potty-training thing down to a science...


The truth is that I hate potty training! I dread potty training. I will go to great lengths to avoid potty training. The only reason that Talia has even started is because I picked up a potty pot for three euros at a garage sale and Talia kept insisting, "Me potty toilet." (Not to mention the fact that almost all of our floors are tile, making clean-up quite convenient.) And thus, with great reluctance, I pulled off her diaper and gave her a pair of big-girl undies.

Here's the best part of all: I haven't done ANYTHING! Brooklyn has been SO excited to show her sister how it's all done that Jason and I have done nothing but sit back and watch. Amazing! Maybe we should have tried this sooner...

But maybe not. I think that's the take-home message I've learned. With Brooklyn we introduced potty training way too early--when we were ready, instead of when she was. This time around, we've avoided many tears and much frustration by adapting to Talia's schedule. Truth to be told, it's been really nice to be quasi-isolated from other kids her age because I haven't felt the pressure to compare what my kid can (or can't) do compared with all of the other little tikes. I have loved letting her progress at her own pace.

While I know that we're still very far from trained, I just may get a day off of diapers sometime before this next munchkin arrives--something that hasn't happened in 4 1/2 years. Here's hoping!

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Laura D'Onofrio said...

lol, that's INCREDIBLE! Way to go, your kids ARE amazing! I have heard that some kids they use it once and never go back, and others it takes months and sometimes years to master the potty. It reminds me of something I found online once - go to youtube and type in "The Potty Dance." It's by Huggies pull-ups I believe.