Sunday, May 10, 2009

Six Sweet Years

Yesterday Jason and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. While in some ways we didn’t spend the day quite as expected (read : no romantic dinner for two), in retrospect I wouldn’t change a moment. Looking back, it was fun to imagine what Jason and I would have thought if we could have seen six of these pictures six years ago. I’m certain that we never would have envisioned ourselves with two little munchkins on the other side of the world!

Walking to the park is oh-so-much-fun when every apartment building is equipped with its own personal slide.

Of course, riding the guardrail is fabulous as well.

Why walk straight when you have a checkerboard to explore?

And, let's not forget the thrill of having your own transportation.

Talia prefers a horse-drawn chariot. Of course, Brooklyn provided the horse-power.

And last but not least, here's the whole clan mesmerized by a Guignol marionette puppet production. As you can tell, the girls were enthralled.

As far as that romantic dinner for two goes, we substituted instead a table for ten. As one of the youth leaders, Jason invited all of the young men and women in our local congregation over for dinner. He taught them how to make chicken enchiladas--a first for everyone--and we all had a great time.


Tanja said...

Congratulations to your sixth wedding anniversary !!!

Chicken enchiladas - I wish I would have been there too -- they are great!

Mrs. M said...

Hooray for 6 happy years:)

Justin said...

My neices are so cute!!!! Congrats on six years. It seems like only yesterday I was furtively asking Jason if he was "really" sure about this...haha! I'm glad he was!