Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So Much Snow

While I know it's blizzarding in the northeast, it's currently 73 degrees and sunny in Salt Lake. I ran thirteen miles through City Creek canyon this morning, and now I'm camped out on the back porch doing computer stuff while Annika naps in her stroller. It's lovely out here, and a great excuse to avoid going inside. The mess is scary.

Looking back through January's pictures reminds me that even though today is balmy, Salt Lake really did have its share of winter.  So much snow!

Early January snow at our O Street rental.

And snow from Ginny, our Virginia Street house.  Maybe it's just the north-facing orientation, but I swear that our lengthy sidewalks collect snow sooner and keep it longer than any others around. Our winter wonderland has been fun, but I will be glad to give the snow shovels a rest for a while.

By the way, all this snow and not a single snow day.  Brooklyn says her sixth grade friends report having only two cancellations during their entire academic careers.

These are the days when a garage would be useful.

I'm in the middle of training for the Ogden marathon right now (hence this morning's long run.) While the distances may be getting greater, I don't really miss slogging through slush to get the miles in.

But I might miss the views.

By the way, I updated an older post today to include some photos of our move into Ginny.  In the spirit of all things frigid, you can even find a picture of the icicles we grew inside of our house when a frozen pipe burst.

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