Friday, March 24, 2017

Calling out to NomiAnn

Considering the tiny size of this blog's readership, I think personal call-outs are totally appropriate.

NomiAnn! We just wanted to let you know that we love you, we miss you, and we are super excited to see you again a few weeks.  We know that we totally spoiled the fun by leaving Omaha.  We know there are too many miles between us, and that it's painfully hard to go long stretches without seeing your grandbabies.  But before we get together again, we wanted to share a few photos from our last visit.   You were the very first person to come all the from out of state to see us in our new home, Ginny.

You were there when we cooked our first real meal.

You agreed that the turkey and courgette burgers, recommended by Ben and Christy, were pretty delectable, especially with the sumac sauce.

You treated us to our first liege waffles at Bruges...

...and you saw Eli's front tooth fly out of his mouth and onto the ground beside the minivan on our way in to dine.

Together we explored the Leonardo during Lego Days.  Here we are peering through the hylozoic veil.

Talia was thrilled to disassemble an old phone.

Last but not least, we dragged you up to Alta for some fun on the slopes.  It was great to swap the valley's overcast gray for the mountain's clear blue and sunshine.

Getting geared up is the hardest part about skiing as a family.

This cute little bug sure needed a lot of help with the tow rope.  Don't know how we would have managed without you!

On the other hand, the only help this guy needed was in slowing down.  Once he came zooming into the chute so fast that he ran right into the structure and got his skis stuck.

Brooklyn and Talia rode the ski lift for the first time, thanks to Sunnyside's discounted ski after three.

Yeah, they loved it.

And we loved having you there to see it all happen.

NomiAnn, we love you!

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