Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Hyde Park Snow Play

'K, I know we're busy and all that, but now that it's March, it seems like it would be appropriate if I were blogging pictures from the right year.  I'm not.  This snow fun all happened in Hyde Park back in December.  In fact, if you look carefully, you can see the red and green of Annie's Christmas dress sticking out, a reminder that most of these were actually taken on Christmas day--one of the few days where the snow wasn't dreaded since Charles didn't have to clear the temple parking lots.  If the gorgeous drifts seem impressive, they were, but trust me--Utah's had a LOT more snow since. We all think Grandpa Charles deserves a winter raise!

A veritable backyard wilderness.

So how do you like the Utah snow, Rubes?  We're excited that we may get to build snowmen together more often!

Three cheers for Aunt Christy, who we actually saw for a few hours today during a layover on her way to Pittsburgh.  Not only has she organized an impressive conference, but she brought some delicious homemade apple cardamom pie.  Nom nom!  Thanks so much for spending a couple hours with us, Christy.
Hugs and love to all!

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