Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Great Fun with Grandma Susie

In early March, Grandma Susie came to visit Omaha during the kids' spring break.  It was so lovely to have her with us!

Grandma's story times are the best.

While we were often so busy "doing" that I forgot to take pictures, here are a few of the special events that I chronicled.   Grandma Susie arrived in time for Brooklyn's cello concert with OAYO's Prelude Strings.  This was Brooklyn's first experience playing in a large ensemble outside of school, and she loved it.  They practiced weekly at various locations around Omaha, then joined together for a few pieces at their concert.  And can I just say, they sounded great?  I was extremely impressed by the quality of the program, both in organization and musicianship.

Here's Brooklyn warming up with her smaller ensemble.  Brooklyn would really like to continue playing in an orchestra once we move to Salt Lake, so if anybody has any recommendations, please share!

Following the concert, we walked across the Pedestrian Bridge to Iowa's Hanafan Park for some frisbee fun. 

Brooklyn preferred a more mellow moment.

How fast they grow! 

Brooklyn's nearly as tall as her mama now, and can't wait to sit shotgun.  Before I know it, she'll be driving!

Back to our visit with Grandma Susie, she took some one-on-one time to do something special with each of the grandkids.  Before Brooklyn left for DC, they played hard at Bounce U and even grabbed dessert at Lo Sole Mio.  Eli and Grandma Susie explored the Children's Museum, while Talia and Susie toured Joslyn Castle.  Isn't it lovely?

I've never toured Joslyn Castle myself, but it's definitely on my bucket list.

I can't remember what Annika and Susie did (although I'm sure there was something,) but that's okay because let's be honest--every day is Annie day.  Here she is at the Crescent Moon on Leavenworth, where we all grabbed an original Reuben Sandwich.  Annika slipped away from the table, pulled a booster up to the bar, and climbed up all by herself.  Don't you love the guilty look on her face, wondering whether or not she's gonna get caught?

Let's redeem ourselves from the bar scene by skipping forward to Sunday.  

Here's Annika and her siblings collecting leaves outside of the Winter Quarters Temple.

Inside the Visitor's Center, Brooklyn discovered her pioneer self.  I think this picture rather captures motherhood--rarely the center of focus but constantly helping to bring out the beauty in others from the background.

Trekking across the plains carpet.

Arrived at her new homestead.

Other fun adventures include a morning trip to Hummel Park to play frisbee golf.  Or at least to try.  The experience wasn't quite as idyllic as the pictures suggest, but rather punctuated by some disturbing roadkill discoveries.  Ew.  We'll have to try again another time.

Our multi-course Downton Abbey style dinner at the Andrus home was much more appetizing.  Papa Kay deeply identifies with Carson.

Everyone agreed--delicious!

Before long, it was time to say goodbye.  Here's Annika giving Grandma a farewell kiss from the trampoline.

Grandma Susie, thank you so much for coming to see us.  We love you!

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Susie said...

Thanks for the memories, especially since I neglected to take pictures! Annie and I went to the Joslyn Children's Art Museum then to McDonald's after for ice cream. That is when I discovered the Joslyn Castle, (in my wanderings trying to navigate Omaha's city streets), and was hoping one of the grandkids would be interested in going with me to tour it. Thanks, Talia! I had a marvelous time with my visit and appreciate everyone accommodating my whims! :)