Friday, April 29, 2016

A Day so Fine

During the first weekend of April, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds its semi-annual General Conference. I love this opportunity to gather and listen to the words of modern-day prophets and apostles from the comfort of our own homes. I'm even more excited by the possibility of attending in person (should we be lucky enough to secure a ticket) after our move to Salt Lake. Even so, by the end of ten hours of instruction, everyone is a bit squirmy.

Following this April's Sunday Afternoon Session, we all headed to Lake Zorinsky for some much needed communion with the outdoors.

The photos are so lovely that I don't think they need much explanation.  I'll just entitle this post: "A Day So Fine."

After arriving back at Papa Kay and NomiAnn's house, we gathered in the tree house.

The reason for our gathering: to roast smores over our substitute campfire.  (Because tree houses and real campfires are a bad mix.)

Even so, Papa Kay kept a close eye on things.

 Life just doesn't get much better.


Anonymous said...

Annika liked the treehouse smores, cooked or uncooked ... it was a fun day. I'm still glad we built the treehouse -- even if it gets used a bit less. It already holds many fine memories.

Anonymous said...

I note the interesting and beautiful clouds in several of these photos. We often get beautiful cloud formations, as well as spectacular sunsets here.

Susie said...

Such a cute family!