Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Do Space and Star Wars: Even Better Than School

While in general, I am super sad to be leaving behind our amazing Crestridge Elementary, I am looking forward to having our kids home more after our move to Utah.  Not only is the average school day there shorter, but they have a half day once a week as well.  Omaha Public School elementary kids were off this past Friday, which was lovely.  We played hard (and probably even learned something too.)

Our first stop was "Do Space," this new technology library in Omaha where you can drive a robot, check out a MacBook, and even try out the 3D printer, all for virtually free.  Here's Brooklyn engaging with her robot.

She drove it into the Little Makers space, where everyone could see her face and wave to her via the mounted screen.

Eli decorated virtual cupcakes with a classmate.  Not as tasty as the real thing.

Afterward we headed to the zoo to meet the new elephants, but didn't stay long because with school out and the gorgeous weather, the zoo was, well, a zoo!

The Wheeler munchkins take over the pride.

Next stop was NomiAnn and Papa Kay's house to get ready for our Star Wars party.  We'd promised the kids that they could finally watch Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  They were so excited, having prepped for weeks.

Here are Brooklyn and Eli, oops I mean Rey and Anakin practicing for their dual.

Don't forget Talia practicing her gymnastics tricks in the background.  (A regular occurrence around here.)

Eli brought his poster from home with him to decorate.  It's my favorite.

Annika volunteered to help the Jedi sell tickets.

Of course, we can't forget the concessions.

As you can imagine, our movie night was a terrific ending to a delightful day.  Even if the plot is one we already know (young talent saves the day by flying in to blow up an enormous spherical weapon against all odds), the kids' enthusiastic cheering will never grow old.

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