Monday, August 17, 2015

Vermont 2015--A Wheeler Perspective

Sorry for the silence, folks. We've had some frustrating computer issues with a virus that clung so stubbornly to our desktop that we finally backed up all our files and reset to factory settings. Nothing better than a clean slate. Fortunately for me, Callie has courageously carried on the family chronicling crusade in my absence. Hallelujah! My life just got so much easier. Thanks, sis. :)

So back to the travelogue, after a couple fun days on Long Island, we drove up to my Great-Grandpa John Wells' and GranElaine's cabin in Vermont.  Callie and Eila met us there, having opted to fly from coast to coast.  (According to Google Maps, it's only 44 hours of drive time.  Wimps!)  In all actuality, Callie and Eila were the bravest of travelers, boarding that airplane despite Eila's lingering tummy troubles.  If you want to read all about some intense projectile vomit and Eila's trip to the ER, click here.  Or, just in case that link ever gets broken, here's the url:

Did you do it?  Did you click the link?  See, I figured that if I sensationalized the pitch with puke and the ER, curiosity couldn't keep you away.  Pretty pictures of the lake are nice, but regurgitation--now that's click-worthy.  In all actuality, we really did have a lovely time, despite Eila's stomach bug.  Still, it's the challenging times we remember most.  Here's our sweet gal in one of her sad moments.  After some tummy calming medicine, she felt so much better.

Resting peacefully in GranElaine's arms.

So I apologize in advance, but some of these pictures are duplicates from the ones Callie posted.  I uploaded photos before I saw her post, so there's a bit of redundancy.  I figured I'd toss them into cyberspace anyway since they are already there, plus that way they'll end up in our blog book.

For example, Callie put up a picture of us all getting ready to go tubing.

She also included this action shot of Brooklyn and Talia enjoying a good ride.

However, she missed the hilarious interim step where the girls tried to ride a trick tube that kept spinning around and bucking.  With the rope attached to the center of the float, we never saw more than the tops of their heads.

 Both Callie and I picked this picture of a happy NomiAnn nestling Eila...

...but I added this one too.  So pretty!

A picture of babysitter Brooklyn doing what she loves best--same.

A photo of Papa K trying to figure out exactly how many places to set at the table--different.

Callie was too nice to post this photo of NomiAnn's sandal, stuck in the muck after she stepped into a hole.  Wicked daughter that I am, I ran for my camera instead of running to help her get unstuck. 

Callie was also far too modest to post this gorgeous picture of herself.

Papa K's never far away when there's work to be done.

This photo was a keeper by all blog accounts.  Grandpa and Elaine, thank you so very much for your warm welcome!

Eli wishes we lived close enough to join the Frequent Hug Club... do I.

When we were in Vermont two years ago, I feared it might be our last stay at Longview.  With the house listed for sale, this visit likely will be our last.  As much as we will miss it, I'm so glad we were able to reconnect one last itme.

Familiar sights I'll miss: the old red boat.  Temperamental as it may be, it managed to roar to life long enough for me to slalom one last time on Lake St. Catherine.  (Bet Grandpa won't miss the repair bills!)

Seeing Grandpa smoke his pipe and read in the early mornings. 

The giant dining room table with the old wooden high chair.  I remember Alesia (the oldest of four) eating in that high chair.  Now our Annie Mae (the youngest of four) has nearly outgrown it.

The flag pole and Grandpa's fireworks.

And of course, the most amazing swing that I've ever had the pleasure to experience. 

Leave it to Talia to swing differently than all who've swung before.

Looking at these pictures from Vermont, I feel nostalgic about the passing time.  Doesn't seem like that long ago when I was the oldest cousin, happily entertaining the new babies.

Am I really old enough to have a daughter playing the same role?

Talia likewise seems to be growing at super-speed.  Her friends and teachers have been shocked to see how much she changed over the summer--not just taller, but more mature.

Callie and Eila, I know the travel to Vermont was rotten, but thank you so much for being there!  I'm so glad we could share these beautiful memories together.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss this house on Lake St. Catherine. It is a blessed location on a gem of a lake.