Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Long Island Fun

It's a big day today!  Callie and my Grandpa Wells share a birthday, plus the kids start school.  (In a couple of hours I'm joining the other kindergarten parents for a boo hoo/yahoo breakfast.)  What better way to celebrate than by tossing out a few pictures from our trip to New York.

The morning after our arrival, the kids immediately conned their cousins into some playtime.  I'm pretty sure they thought the 20+ hour drive was worth it right there.

A talented artist, Jeanette shows off her skills with the duplos.

Later that day, we headed to Robert Moses beach.  Nothing like the feel of sand between your toes!

Greg had to work, but the Wells sisters all came along for some fun.  From left to right, we have Jeanette, Katelyn, and Alesia.

We all know the gals are gorgeous, but only Papa K is really really ridiculously good looking.  Keep smiling!

Not only is he handsome, but he's good with a shovel too.  :)  Here are Annika and Papa K, digging their way to China.

Brooklyn was eager to sharpen her skills on the boogie board.  The surf was pretty rough, so she ate some sand but was a great sport about it.

Talia, on the other hand, preferred to forage for sea shells.

What a collection!

Aunt Alison and NomiAnn kept watch from the beach chairs.

While we have plenty of photos to document the afternoon, this one might be my favorite: two brave sisters venturing out hand-in-hand.  (Now just don't remind me about sharks...)

The next day we headed to the New York Hall of Science in Queens.  This ferromagnetic fluid was probably the most fascinating thing I saw.  Basically, iron is added to motor oil, causing it to create these amazing shapes as giant magnets are moved back and forth.

Katelyn and Talia were museum buddies.  :)

Brooklyn loved maneuvering this rover across the Martian landscape

Meanwhile, Papa K did Annie's bidding in the toddler zone.

We happened to come in the middle of bug week where we learned some fascinating facts about honeybees.

You can actually see the queen bee in the bottom right quadrant of this hive, encircled by her doting attendants.  Did you know that a queen can lay up to 1500 eggs in a day?  (If she stops producing well, she may also be cooked to death by those same doting attendants who will all gather around and vibrate until they've generated enough heat to kill those in the inner circle.)

Check out our future astronaut!

Reach for the stars, Eli!  Katy and Alesia will always be there to support you.

If you're going into space, you will definitely need some high quality equipment.  Brooklyn constructed a parachute to slow the landing module.

Meanwhile, Eli built a space shuttle.  Time for a test launch!

Mission accomplished!  Thanks for the lift, Alesia.

Last but not least, we visited "Connected Worlds," a fascinating interactive exhibit where kids explore the impact of water sharing on multiple ecosystems.

Many thanks to all for the Long Island fun!  We already miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time at the beach and at the science museum! I'm also pleased you did not post any photos of the life guard rescuing Annie in the surf when the "Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking" man who was holding her hand lost his balance. Sometimes it is best to remain anonymous.