Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Variations on a Common Vacation: Lake George 2015

After Vermont, what next?  Lake George, of course!  The Wells clan warmly welcomed all the Wheelers and Wilhoits for a whomping good time.  (The Andrus's were there too, but the over-achieving As at the beginning of the alphabet can't begin to compete with cool kids at the Wend.)

Once again, my super-amazing sistah has come to my rescue with her scintillating post about Lake George.  Check it out here (http://wanderingwilhoits.blogspot.com/2015/08/lake-george-2015.html).  This time I tried to pick different pictures so enjoy our Variations on a Common Vacation.

Since we arrived on a Sunday, we stopped off for church in Glens Falls on the way.  Even when on vacation, we usually try to make some sort of worship service on Sundays, be it an LDS meeting or other denomination.  Here's Talia all dressed up.
We didn't dawdle too long, because guess who was waiting for us?  Uncle Adam!  (All dressed down, as one ought to be at the lake.)

Better yet, Adam brought Zoe with him.  Papa K was in heaven!  (Just kidding Adam.  We love you more than your pug.  Probably.  But thanks for bringing Zoe--she really is family!)

Adorable as Zoe's tongue may be, these baby blues still steal the show.  What better place to learn to crawl than on the dining room table?

So as one might guess, our leisurely week at the lake involved lots of water play.  Here's a horde of cousins jumping off the swim platform.  (Little did I know that I was just milliseconds away from my top coming untied!  Luckily the problem was easily resolved underwater.)

Brooklyn snorkeled...

...while Talia did her Talia thing.

Even Zoe joined in the water fun--for a little while.

As for our Annika, she was surprisingly hesitant about the water.  I think even the small lake waves were a little overwhelming for a gal her size.  She seemed most content to snuggle up in her elephant towel...

...and take a snooze.

Oh, I forgot.  Callie and Eila were also quite content to be warm and dry landbabies.

I love this family picture.  Zoe decided she'd had quite enough of being upstaged by the baby.

Spoiler alert: look who turned eight months in Lake George!  I'm sure I totally posted a forbidden surprise pic here, but she's so cute that I couldn't resist.  Besides anybody who reads this was probably there.  I think Eila's the only one with a noggin' capable of pulling off that headband.
Back on the waterfront, we had a grand old time playing on Grandpa Wells's jet ski.   Here are the men, Greg and Eli.  Watch out!  Look who's driving.

The two Kates, Katelyn and Kathryn, show Greg how to have some fun.  We were glad to have the female half of the LaFroscia clan, Kathryn and Alison, join us for a couple of days.  I'm sure Greg wouldn't have minded a few more guys too, though!

For years, a long-standing Wells family tradition has been a hike to the waterfalls to catch newts.  Since the boat wasn't working, we drove around the lake this time and reached the falls from the other side.  In this picture, you'll notice Eli holding the bait bucket in Uncle Jay's honor.

Brooklyn toted our Annie Mae for a while.

Then Papa K took over the role of helping her along.  This little munchkin must have been feeling particularly lazy as she hiked for a grand total of, like, ten steps.

The lake is stunning from every angle.

At last, we reached the falls.  Impressive, no matter how you get there.

So lucky to have cousins to lend a hand.

Talia enjoys some snuggles from her Aunt Al and Cousin Kate.

All in all, I'd say Eila enjoyed her visit to the Falls.

Daddy's little girl.

This lucky sweetie gets attention from all the men.  Here she is smiling with her Papa K.

Eli, on the other hand, saved his best hugs for Addy and Rondack.

Every boy should have a dog--or at least relatives willing to share their canine friends.

As difficult as it is to improve on perfection,  Papa K managed by renting paddle boards for the day.  Here he is demonstrating proper technique.  As Callie mentioned, he also gave multiple demonstrations on how to dismount, several of which were graceful.  :)

Watch out for the baby ducks!

Talia and Brooklyn were both naturals.

So much fun!

At the end of the day, even Zoe went for a paddle.  Gotta put that doggie life jacket to good use!

Elaine and Grandpa came over from Vermont to share in the fun for an afternoon.  It's always so fun to be together.

On our last full day, we splurged on a steamboat voyage aboard the Minnehaha.  Here are Eli and Alesia waiting in line.  These two have formed a special bond.  When Eli came home from his first day of kindergarten, the very first thing he wanted to do was call Alesia.

And here we have Katelyn and Annika.  Poor Annie was squinting the whole time after getting sunscreen in her eyes.

Eila was perfectly content to hide out in her Ergo.

Complete with a giant paddlewheel and shiny brass bell, the Minnehaha is the quintessential Lake George icon.

NomiAnn, Callie, and Eila get ready for the journey to start.

From the Wells side, we have Greg, Katelyn, and Janet.  In case you're wondering what happened to Jeanette, our talented artist spent the week in Manhattan at the School of Visual Arts.  Nettie, we missed you!  Jason, we missed you too.  I guess somebody had to work--sorry it had to be you.

Alison and yours truly.

Finally on our way, here's a charming view of Lake George village.

Greg spotted something interesting.

Serenaded by a steam calliope.  It just doesn't get cooler than that.

Thanks for the fun ride, Minne-Ha-Ha!  The journey was nearly as amusing as your name.  (Note the black tote I left by by the trashcan. Lucky for me, someone turned it in.)

A cousin photo with Eli, Alesia, Talia, Brooklyn, and Katelyn.

Can't forget Annika and Gregory!

There's always time for silly.

Whew!  All that photo catch-up was exhausting.  Time for a nap.
Janet, I hope you've gotten a nice long nap after hosting our entire crew for so long.  You are amazingly generous, as always.  Please send a huge thank you to your whole family.  We love you all and miss you!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection of photos featuring fabulous families at Lake George in July. It is hard to believe it was only a month ago. We had terrific weather, wonderful company, and tasty meals together. One noteworthy correction though: Callie and Adam should be credited with renting one of the two paddle boards for the day, and Papa K. was anything but graceful at any paddle boarding stage. The hike to the falls was an exceptional experience, on an exceptionally clear, beautiful day!

Adam said...

Zoe looks forward to her visits more than anyone! What a great trip, thanks for sharing the pictures!

Callie said...

Love your take on our adventures. You are far more patient with putting up pics than I will ever hope to be. Baby steps, I guess.