Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today, Two-day, Tuesday

Seeing as to how today is Tuesday, I thought I'd share a conversation from last week.
Eli: I want to go the Family Center.
Mom: Sorry, bud. It's not open until Tuesday.
Eli: No, not Two-day. One-day!

Well, he waited more past one-day, past two-day, until Tuesday finally arrived. I guess it's time for a visit to the Family Center!


The Favorite said...

That is so cute!! It reminds me of the other night when I was reading books to James and I said, "pick out two books." He picked lots of books and had a big pile when he looked at me and said, "how about too many books." These silly boys :)

Ben said...

What is the family center?

Susie said...

Cute! It makes me want to be there for a big Eli hug!

Julie L said...

Out of the mouths of babes! So stinking cute!

Kara said...

Good question, Ben. The "Family Center" is a mini-library where families can check out toys, games, books, DVDs, etc. Most of the materials are educational, with a special focus on resources to help parents and families. The Family Center is open to the entire community, but happens to be located at our bilingual elementary school, giving the additional benefit of lots of Spanish materials as well. Last year I taught "Spanglish" there, so we're rather attached to the space.