Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh So Green

While our family may have skipped wearing green last Sunday when it was St. Patrick's, we certainly made up for it yesterday. After church, we had a brief photo shoot:

Here's NomiAnn, the mastermind behind the adorable ensembles (along with Costco, of course.) We were so lucky to have her with us for two and a half weeks.

Eli, feeling a little tipsy served up on the rocks.

Beautiful Brooklyn looks like she has a secret...

...but she's definitely not telling.

You may be concerned that Talia failed to spice up the photo shoot in her typical spunky fashion (aside from the scraped up nose, courtesy of a tumble on her scooter.)

Never fear, she always comes through. Look, the teeth even match! What style.

Want to know what this mouth is saying?

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you.


Jason said...

No pinching there, that's for sure! I can't hardly make the kids out, they blend into the grass so well... Good thing the rocks are red.

Brittney Richards said...

Eli sure looks handsome in that outfit and those dresses are so darn cute!! I should have NomiAnn help me shop for Eliza - she always gets the cutest things.

Susie said...

Yes, green must exist somewhere out there! It was 9 degrees this morning in Hyde Park!