Monday, March 25, 2013

Annika's Baby blessing

Jason querido, in honor of your birthday, I really wanted to post some photos from last weekend when you came home to bless Annika Mae. Of course, in honor of your birthday, I also want to take good care of the rest of the munchkins as well. To quote Eli, I hope to "be a nice mommy." And so, I'm stepping away from the computer and leaving this post very unpolished. Just know that the world was blessed the day you were born, especially in how you bless others.


(April 7th Update)

Well Jason, it turns out that despite my best efforts to brighten it from afar, your lonely New York birthday was pretty lousy anyway.  While there's no way to go back and fix that, I can at least fix the post about Annika's baby blessing.  For in my view, that special day really was perfect.

Annika was blessed on Sunday, March 17th--St. Patrick's Day.  Even though traveling is tiresome and expensive, we were joined by lots of family who wanted to share their love and support.  Jason flew home from New York, NomiAnn and Papa Kay flew in from Nebraska, Charles and Susie drove down from Hyde Park, and Justin and Brianna drove up from Phoenix.  The house was crowded and a little bit chaotic, but we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Here we are, so delighted to be reunited as a family once more.

Feeling a little bit goofy.

Getting everybody organized for pictures is always a challenge.

And a photo with NomiAnn, her daughter, and the grands.

Here's Annika Mae with the men of the family.  Unlike our other infants, Annika was blessed during sacrament meeting in church instead of at home.  While we initially made the change to accommodate travel schedules, it worked out beautifully.  We've had so many neighbors reach out to welcome this new baby that it felt right to share this special moment with them.  Encircled by those who care, Annika was tenderly held by her father who gave her a name and precious blessing.  Unlike our other babes, she was quiet and content during the blessing, so we could hear every special word.  Apparently our children can be either blessed or born at home--not both.

Annika Mae with Susannah Mae and Charles Burt Wheeler.

I love this picture: Susie gazing adoringly at her husband who seems fairly smitten with his newest granddaughter.

Annika with her parents.

Annika and her big sister Brooklyn.  Isn't that hair fantastic?

And here's Brianna holding the baby.  Definitely a natural, Aunt Brianna won the biggest baby smiles.

Oh, yawn!  All these photographs are making me tired.

Sharing the love between mother and daughter.

Oh, how I wish I could make these baby days last a bit longer.

Showing off my baby girl.  It's hard to believe that three daughters have been blessed in this beautiful white dress that contains fragments of my own wedding dress.

Brooklyn was excited to put on her white dress to match her little sister.

Such love.

Such joy.

My gorgeous girls all dressed in white.


Here's Papa Kay snuggling his grandbaby.  It was a big sacrifice for my Dad to leave the pressures of work for the baby blessing.  We really appreciated his making the effort to be there.

Annika sleeps peacefully in the arms of her other grandfather, Papa Charles.  Our children are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents!

Papa Kay with Eli.

The littlest (and most charming) man of the house.

Okay, maybe this guy is the *most* charming, but Eli runs a close second.

Talia Lily, looking like an angel.

And NomiAnn, so glad to meet Annika at last.

I do believe Annika Mae is smiling because she knows she has the very best Dad.

Here's to celebrating the gift of life for everyone!


Brittney Richards said...

So precious!! She looks like you Kara. You look so beautiful in those pictures - really your whole family does. I'm glad Jason was able to be there for it.

Susie said...

Aw, sweet memories. Lovely pictures on a lovely day with lovely people! Thanks for sharing the pictures and yes, Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Julie L said...

No words needed when the photos are so wonderful! What a great opportunity to have everyone together and to get Jason home for a minute, too. Love that wild haired baby of yours. She is just so gorgeous. And what a fun photo of all the girls together in white! Echo Susie: Lovely all around!