Monday, March 04, 2013


It's late and I should get some sleep, but I wanted to post a few pictures in the hopes of making my hubby (and all the rest of you) smile.

This morning Annika woke up with the ultimate bedhead.

What are we going to do about that hair?

In general, the kids are adjusting really well to having a little sister.

Eli is perhaps the funniest because he keeps insisting that the baby's name is Emily, not Annika. He tells his preschool teachers, his Sunbeam teachers, the checker at the grocery store, that her name is E-mi-ly! He's even corrected us for getting it wrong. Even so, I feel like we are making progress because he's at least started claiming little Annie Mae as his own: "That's MY sister!" For a while he seemed confused about whose baby she was. When she was two weeks old, he asked, "Mom, is this the baby that was in your belly?" Once that was clarified, he accepted her as part of the family.

Brooklyn has developed into quite the little mother. She loves holding Baby Annabelle and has quite an impressive knack for getting her to calm down. It's really been a tremendous help to pass her off in moments when I have to get other things done.

The only thing Brooklyn can't do is feed the baby. This doesn't seem to deter Annie, however, who seems quite content to nurse her chin instead.

As for Talia, I don't have a recent picture of her with the babe, which is probably all for the best. Pairing up that much energy with a newborn is a questionable match. If rocking the baby is good, in Talia's mind spinning her wildly around the room must be even better. My nerves just can't handle such six year-old logic...

Good night!


Jason said...

Look at that crazy hair! That one, she definitely gets from me... Sure wish I could help with the holding!

Jason said...

Look at that crazy hair! That one, she definitely gets from me... Sure wish I could help with the holding!

Julie L said...

Hahaha - I can certainly hear "Annie Mae" sounding just like "Emily" - can't you? Now Annabelle and Anika may be different stories. What a lot of names for such a little girl - do they just match her long hair? I love all the photos. So glad Brooklyn's old enough to be a big help right now.

steve and jessica said...

Your baby is so cute! I miss Brooklyn! I am back teaching the three year olds and I loved having Brooklyn in our class.

Susie said...

I love the photos! They make me smile, along with the dialogue. Such a wonderful family you have!