Thursday, September 06, 2012

Lake George: The End

Okay, okay, I know. Lake George is WAY old news. You're tired of reading about it, and I'm tired of procrastinating posting about it. I promise this will really be the end.

Wrapping up the Cast:

First of all, the Kiwis returned from New Zealand. Hooray! After a fascinating foray into the world of the Hobbit, Callie and Adam are stateside once more, having rejoined the world of the big people. Here they are lounging with their little hobbit nephew Eli as he relishes his first breakfast. With so many people around to beg for vittles, I'm pretty sure he ate at least three breakfasts every day.
Despite a delayed flight, Papa Kay also made the journey... did NomiAnn, who deserves a medal for being my driving companion and comrade all the way from St. George. All in all, we make a darn good travel team, even if we do periodically forget to fill up on gas. In the left of the picture is Aunt Christy, who also deserves much praise for driving up from Brooklyn. Although the trip may not be as far, it's a definite sacrifice when you don't own your own car. In this picture, we're all playing Monopoly Deal, a new family favorite.
Here's a better picture of Christy, playing with the girls at the lake's edge.
Uncle Ben, looking mighty comfortable on the waterfront. (His brother Tal came too, but quickly disappeared, thanks to a good book.)
The waterfront was NomiAnn's favorite hangout as well. Apparently she didn't want her picture taken.
So, we just snagged pictures while she was napping instead. (You know I'm going to suffer for posting these photos.)
Let's see, who else? Jason deserves some credit for making the all-night flight, then getting bumped off his connection. Of course, he didn't get all that much sympathy from his pregnant wife who drove the entire way half-nauseous. (Oops! Did I just spill that? Oh well, I figure if you're actually reading this, then you deserve the latest news.)
Eli and I. With kids this cute, who wouldn't want more?
Back on topic, my Grandpa John Wells and his wife Elaine came up from Vermont to celebrate birthdays. (He and Callie share the same birth day, August 12th.) Grandpa and Elaine are pictured center, in black and white.
And of course, let's not forget our favorite Golden Retrievers.
Meet the boys, Addie and Rondack.
After an entire week of following her around like a puppy, Talia never quite mastered Jeanette's name. Strangely enough, she never had trouble remembering the names of the actual pups. Go figure!

Onto the excitement. Waterskiing!

Here's Talia modeling the obligatory dry land lesson. Remember to keep those elbows straight!
Uncle Jay helps hoist Brooklyn over the edge...
...where Gregory takes over the instruction.
Looks like Talia's ready to go. Hit it!

As you can see, poor Talia drank a lot of lake water. Apparently we forgot to tell her when to let go of the rope! Brave soul, she finished with a smile, although she did warn Brooklyn that she "might not like it."
Here's Brooklyn. So close, so close!
Finishing with a smile. Both girls really enjoyed their introduction to waterskiing and tried on multiple occasions, thanks to their very patient helpers.
Here's Gregory, showing us all how the pros wakeboard.
Jeanette takes a turn...
...and hey look, there are two! Callie and I tried our hand at tandem skiing. So much fun! I'd forgotten how much I love to waterski. Don't worry, I behaved myself and bypassed the slalom.
Over the wake...
...and bring us home.
Talia tubes with Jeanette. Can you tell they're related?
Needless to say, a fantastic time was had by all.

More Water Play:

Talia suits up in her snorkel. I have many fond memories of snorkeling in that very same spot as a small child, and a couple of not-so-fond ones, such as the time I dropped the keys to the jet ski in the water and had to search until I found them.

Here are the cousins jumping off the dock: Kathryn, Brooklyn, and Katelyn

Katelyn still wins first prize for the craziest leap.
Brooklyn quickly got the knack of kayaking.
Talia gives the kayak a whirl while Brooklyn paddles along as coach. I'm glad nobody ended up with a concussion.

Coming straight from a New Zealand winter, Callie was grateful to catch a few rays of sun.

Meanwhile, Jason and Eli make some dribble castles.

Papa Kay in his usual spot, reading the paper.

Of course, Grandpas need some wet 'n wild fun too. Watch out, Brooklyn!
Papa Kay certainly needed the chance to wash off, particularly after the steep walk we took him on. I think he worried that it might literally become a Dead End, his Journey's End. :)
As long as we're on dry land, check out this fantastic double decker treehouse that the Wells clan built.
Lunch time! Is that Adam? Eating gazpacho? With tomatoes? Somebody take a picture, quick!
Eli preferred his play doh pizza.
How 'bout some coloring fun?
Of course, the major excitement was outside. Here are Eli and Alesia blowing bubbles.

Katelyn joins in the fun.

Check out that embouchure! Eli was buzzing up a storm. We have a future brass player, for sure.

Despite our inexperience, Uncle Jay was kind enough to let us all commandeer his sailboat. After a bit of heart-racing practice at the rudder, Jason became an expert at helping us come about. Meanwhile, Adam and Callie enjoyed showing off their mad skeels, thanks to their New Zealand sailing lessons.

Talia checks out the cabin.
Inspection passed, Brooklyn waves us off.
I may be wrong, but I think it usually helps to put up the sail.
Oh, I see. Y'all were docking. Here's Gregory helping Talia unload.

Adam ties off. As far as I know, the boat's still there so he must have done a decent job.

If you're looking to get somewhere in a hurry, you may prefer the Shark Eye II, particularly if the wind has died down.
Here we are on our way to hike some waterfalls. Keeping so many toeheads sunscreened is a lot of work!
Talia looking cute...
...and pretty goofy.
The poor kid kept breaking out into this weird rash on her face. We think it may have come from blowing into the swim noodle to soak us all.
And another photo of Gregory, just because he was so patient with all of us women.
Not only did we discover some gorgeous waterfalls on our hike, we also caught four nifty frogs, one of whom was enormous.
Making them a comfy home in their own terrarium.
We're not going to discuss Squishy, the cute little newt that disappeared overnight. We strongly suspect monster frog to be the culprit. Sometimes the circle of life isn't pretty.
Believe it or not, I still have loads more photos. Perhaps a thousand, if you must know. But after a long day, I'm tired. As was Eli at dinner each night. For three nights in a row, dinner time found him to be going... going... gone.
I'll be right up to bed...just let me have one more 'smore with Callie and Adam.
So long, Lake George, farewell.


michelle said...

Congrats on the new little Wheeler to be born!

Becca said...

So fun. Thanks for sharing. It looks like such a wonderful time and I am always so captured by your writing and pictures. Congrats on your little addition.

miss ya guys.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both your forthcoming family addition, and for following through with posting these fun Lake George photos! ... It was not so long ago really, we were still there a month ago this week. It was typically terrific for Jay & Janet to welcome us so warmly! (I'm only slightly dismayed that you screened out plastic snowman photos). Thanks to all for doing your part to make this gathering remarkable and wonderful!

Tanja said...

Congratulations and Celebrations!!! I had to smile when I read the line about morning (day) sickness - I am also very happy :) I mean not smiling about - you feeling sick - just happy for Nbr. 4 :) Then next thing that popped into my head was - you are breaking with years-end-birthday-parties on this one :) and then ... maybe you are planing for summer break vacation instead now :) Easier to ship the kids off to helping hands then :) Love you tons, Tanja

Susie said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous there. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a little sunshine before the heavy rains struck. Thanks for the great pictures and description of your fun!

Susie said...
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