Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Note to Self

Never gloat about how content or easy-going your child is. Things can change. Quickly.

Anybody interested in a three year-old? No refunds allowed.

(Advice to Self: Keep Smiling!)


Susie said...

Can I?

Erin said...

Ship'em to Uncle Ben for a week:)

Erin Gibbons said...

I apparently haven't read any blogs lately, congratulations on the new baby! I also haven't blogged everything lately, I'm actually due with our third in a mere ten weeks. (You know, the ten weeks that sounds so short when it's someone else? Those ten weeks. But despite major fatigue and crash naps I can't complain. At any rate...) I'm happy for you guys and I also share your feelings of injustice being approached about being pregnant. It is your news to share when you want to share it and it is an awkward announcement for all the reasons you mentioned! Especially when it's strangers, I will never understand why people feel like that is an appropriate question to ask. Then again I wouldn't even ask a good friend for 6 months, ha ha. Even when I'm five months along I get a little disappointed when strangers comment on the fact. Oh well. We're having another girl, that's the news with us. I'm sure our families would have so much fun together, I feel like I can say "hear hear!" to your last 3 or 4 posts! Hope all continues to go well!

Brian and Tonya said...

Haha. I think I've learned that lesson as a mother too many times already. Once I made a comment that my son was sleeping through the night, he stopped. Once I said he was a good eater and I had to start pleading with him to eat anything. You'd think I'd just learn to keep my mouth shut. Good thing this phase will pass too, right?