Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cast: Part I

Yesterday I waxed poetic and nostalgic about beautiful Lake George, demonstrating remarkable restraint when it comes to photos. Today I am throwing all caution to the wind. Be warned.

First of all, the cast. When we left off yesterday, I'd introduced Jay, Janet, and one of their daughters, Katelyn. While Katelyn can occasionally be found perched on Mom's lap (yesterday's photo), it's much more likely to find her hanging out with her phone.
Of course, Katie certainly knows how to put aside the texts and have some real fun. What a leap!
Then, of course, there's the baby of the family, Jeanette.
Isn't she adorable? Nettie is such a fun tween to be around.
Ever since she was born, Talia's reminded us of Jeanette, both in appearance and personality.
It seems quite fitting that the two hung out like peas in a pod.
The oldest Wells daughter is Alesia, a recent grad from Geneseo State who will start student teaching this fall. Isn't she beautiful?
Alesia was fantastic with Eli, helping him warm up both figuratively and literally to new experiences like boating.
Splashing in the water for hours on end.
Brooklyn snuggles in for some Alesia love.
Last but not least, there's Gregory, the favorite (albeit only) son. Greg just finished his first year at Syracuse University.
Not surprisingly, Eli latched right onto Greg as well. I think they both enjoyed the male companionship. :)
Like his father, Greg can often be found out on the boat, manning the sails.
Or else he's behind the boat, helping Brooklyn and Talia learn how to waterski, just like Jay taught Callie and I. Thank you!
Moving on, Jay's sister, my Aunt Alison, also came up from Long Island with her daughter Kathryn. Here are Jay and Alison, chatting at the water front.
Growing up, I often remember my Aunt Alison happily sunning herself on an inflatable raft in the water. (We liked to taunt her with threats of obnoxious!) A decade later, Alison can still be found floating on her raft, although now with her fourteen year-old daughter beside her.
Alison catches a few more rays of sun...
...while Kathryn takes Brooklyn for a tube ride. Stuck together in a piece of round rubber--now that's bonding time. :)
And thus concludes our introduction of the cast, part I. I'd originally planned on plunging through all the characters, but hey, it's late, I'm tired, and this fantastic crew is already plenty big.

But stay tuned... Rumor has it that a couple of kiwis were sighted winging their way past the Big Apple.


Kes LT said...

Lovely family! Remember them all from 2002 trip. So exciting to see them growing!

Susie said...

Thanks for letting us experience some of your wonderful trip--without the rigors of the many miles riding!! Your pictures are great!