Saturday, April 14, 2012

Then and Now

I am hopelessly behind on posting photos at the moment. But to appease the grandparents, this is how beautiful the kids looked on Easter Sunday.

And this is how they look right now.

Happy Saturday!


Callie said...

Beautiful both days!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you posting these photos Milkweed. You have so many irons in the fire. I agree with Eggnog, all three youngsters are so full of inner beauty and mischievouss they are a delight to see regardless of what they are wearing.

BTW: Brooklyn & Talia certainly look better than anyone else wearing Dr's masks I've encountered recently. Maybe one or both of them will become a "Doogie Houser" type prodigy before long. I personally hope not--let them continue to enjoy a blessed childhood for a natural period of time.

Susie said...

Their darling spirits and personalities ooze out in any attire and form of activity!