Monday, April 02, 2012

Faux Food April Fools

Happy April Fools Day! Did you do anything fun to celebrate? As a child I was a notorious trickster. One year my Mom ended up tossing out nearly two gallons of milk before she figured out that I'd filled the sugar bowl with salt. As April Fools drew near this year, I wanted to pass on the tradition to my own children, albeit a bit more kindly.
Oranges anyone? How about eggs over easy? The kids loved the jello in orange shells, along with the peaches and vanilla yogurt.
Brooklyn was totally deceived by the "eggs." She, in turn, decided to fool us by dressing as a pioneer girl all day.
For dinner, we had pink cupcakes.
Closer examination revealed mini meatloaves topped with mashed potatoes. The pink "frosting" was dyed with beet juice.
Our fun neighbors Karen and Daniel joined us for the special celebration.
An extremely picky eater, Daniel was not too keen on being served peas.
This evening may have been the very first time Daniel requested seconds on vegetables. Turns out that our "peas" were actually cupcakes covered with green frooties that had been rolled into balls.
By the time we ate dessert, Brooklyn was skeptical of our foolishness and insisted that the green balls weren't actually peas, but edamame. Sure do love that girl. April Fools!

*Many thanks to Pinterest and great bloggers for providing the fantastic faux food ideas. April Fools has never been more fun!


Crys said...

Very cute!!!! Good mama :)

Tiffany said...

Great ideas, I'll have to do some of those next year. We also did the meatloaf this year. I'm hoping to post pictures today, so you'll have to check it out.

jennybhill said...

All of that looks great!

Susie said...

How fun! What delightful ideas and a great way to celebrate April Fool's.