Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa Kay!

Today's To-Do list is so long and overwhelming that all I really want to do is to curl up on the couch and forget it all by blogging of more carefree moments. Yet no matter how much "other" stuff is to be done, I've just got to let Dear Ol' Dad know how much he is loved and appreciated on his special day.

I'm a bleeder when I write--I compose rather slowly and painstakingly rewrite as I go along. While the opportunity to recompose my thoughts creates a more polished product, it also takes forever. And so here's the challenge, Dad. I'm going to spend a full five minutes writing without going back to revise. Rough as my thoughts may be, here's the very best of Papa Kay, stream-of-consciousness style.

Ready, set, go.

Things I like about Papa Kay.

Always has a handkerchief and a box of tic tacs. Is willing to listen to me ramble on his way home from work. Absolutely adores Zoe, even though he likes to complain about winter walks. In fact, complaining may be one of Papa Kay's best qualities--the more he grumps, the more he loves you. That's how we all know that he loves NomiAnn so very much. Papa Kay sends out terrific Food for Thought messages. He has a terrific, dry sense of humor, particularly if you take the time to listen to all the things that come out wryly underneath his breath. His No "L" Christmas pin is a classic. Extreme gives Papa Kay the very best gimmicks of all time--he never fails to pull out a new entertainment gadget. Everybody loves the "Bah Humbug" flag. Papa Kay provides the best material for "getting stuck in the car wash" or "drinking too much pop while stuck in a Valentine snowstorm" stories. Papa Kay shows his love, not just through Tic Tacs, but through his time. He makes the trip to see us so much more than is either convenient or affordable. He loves to secretly fill your car with gas and get you an oil change. When he dropped me off for college, he gave me his wrench. That's love. He is so thoughtful in sending out cards--(something I could definitely learn from.) When I was little, he would entertain me by making a rag doll out of that handkerchief when I was bored during church. Papa Kay will do it if you drag him fifty miles by the tongue. He never makes mistakes--just ask him. When I was leaving on my mission, Dad drove all the way from Nebraska to Saint Louis to see me during a layover at the airport, taking not only me, but my entire district out for lunch. Papa Kay is willing to support all of the women in his life as they chase after dreams all over the world, letting us travel to different lands and places. However, he's always happiest when he can have his grandchildren somewhat close by to do puzzles and to read stories. Papa Kay is an excellent employer who cares about all of those who works for him deeply, going to great sacrifice to ensure that they are well cared for. Although he would never, ever say so, he has often foregone raises of his own to make sure that those who work for him at the law library get a little extra. Papa Kay is an excellent gardener, and prides himself on mowing his own lawn, without the assistance of a riding lawn mower, even when everyone else in the neighborhood has one. The whole job takes a full two and a half hours, and leaves him dripping with sweat, yet he wouldn't have it any other way. "It's good exercise." Callie and I are terrified that someday he will have a heart attack while out shoveling heavy snow because he doesn't have a snow blower either. And yet, if you want to talk about electronic gizmos and gadgets, Papa Kay has probably got one--an iPad, an iPod, an iPhone, even an iPood T-shirt. Papa Kay will forever be famous for his buttermilk. He drinks it by the glassful with pepper, and loves Cracker Barrel just because there's an odd chance that he actually might be able to order some of his own.

Whew! There we go. I couldn't end at five minutes--the thoughts just kept coming until I finally made my fingers slow after twelve--there are just way too many things I like about you, Dad! As hard as it was, I'm forcing myself to not go back and revise, because what I really want to say can be summed up in two words:

Happy Birthday!
You're Great!
Love You!

Bye Bye!
Keep Smiling!


Anonymous said...

Ah shucks, I'm speechless!!

Kes LT said...

Hey Kay, Happy Birthday!.

Signing bellow all what we said!
(Thanks, Kara, for public reminder).

Looking forward to have a few glasses of buttermilk with you some time soom (adding to pepper some salt, then it's even better!)
With love from Lithuania!

Callie said...

Amen - and Ditto!

Except - I'll pass on joining you for the buttermilk if you don't mind. I'll take the gazpacho, though!

With love from Australia (via NZ)

Adam said...

And or course we can't forget, always posts his comments on our families blogs as Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

FYI: It may well have been a "cowardly lion" who posted the first comment above. Anonymity allows a certain amount of deniability as well. For example, since no law enforcement officers are monitoring this blog(?), and since the statute of limitations has run ... Let's hypothesize as to the character of a father who would take his distraught daughter (who had somehow failed her first driving test) across town, on the same day, to another licensing bureau so that she could successfully pass her driving test and receive her first driver's license. Hmmmm, I'm not saying it actually happened, and if it did - he surely repented. However, if faced with the same situation again (in a less than real-time computer world) I suspect this Dad would make the same decision. That said, it is a good thing the test did not include backing out of a tight one-car garage. Bye, Bye.
"Keep Smiling. Remember who you are. Stay in Touch."

Susie said...

And he raised some excellent daughters!!

Bruce Richards said...

Happy Birthday Kay! I personally like playing Pit with Papa Kay after a nice bowl of gazpacho. -Bruce