Friday, November 27, 2009

Got Milk?

Every family has its traditions. In my family, my father traditionally gives each of his children and grandchildren a unique nickname. Now here's the twist-up: all of the nicknames must be dairy related. Growing up, my sister was always Eggnog and I was Milkweed. (While milkweed may not technically be a dairy product, it keeps the general theme.) Brooklyn has been dubbed Buttermilk, and Talia ReddiWip. Naturally when Eli was born, he also needed a nickname. At dinner one evening, my Dad casually mentioned that he'd spent some time in the dairy aisle, pondering names. Despite its French flair, his initial suggestion of Yoplait was immediately shot down. With a slight smile, he then presented the name of Cheesestick.

Jason suspects that Papa Kay had Cheesestick in mind as a name all along. Perhaps someone "Anonymous" can confirm or refute this suspicion. Either way, welcome to the family, Cheesestick.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! ... Yes, Jason is likely correct. Also, please note that "cheesestick" may also be spelled "cheezestick." Either way, Eli is a very cute little tike. Keep Smiling!

Mom L said...

What a special tradition! Cute story for a cute little guy!

Kes LT said...

I was always wondering who is the Big Cheese in the family?

Beth said...


Email me... I have a question about ELLIDEPs from our days back in Language Testing with Fred Davidson.