Friday, November 13, 2009

Spontaneous Memories

I'm a snuggler. I really enjoy cuddling, even though it means I shamelessly hog the bed. Last weekend, however, I set a new record for snuggling. I nestled into Jason closer than ever before, not just because he's such a handsome feller, but because my toes were turning into otter pops. Brrr, shivering, freezing, actually-happy-all-three-kids-are-in-bed-with-you cold.

That's what happens when you go camping in November. After a very wet season, Jason peeked at the weather forecast last Thursday and saw that we were expecting sunshine. No better time to go camping! In a spontaneous, last minute decision, we packed all our gear and left the next morning.

We headed east to Shades State Park in Indiana, close to Turkey Run. We had the whole place practically to ourselves, probably because the regular season ended the day before our arrival, meaning that there was no running water.

We talked some great friends into joining us for the adventure. Here are the love birds, Bruce and Brittney:

The other happy couple, Jenny and Aaron Hill:

Handsome Hill son #1:

Handsome Hill son #2:

And here are our family campers.
Brooklyn (who obviously had a great time--she considers herself to be a Girl Scout-in-training):

Talia (camping's just not the same without a dirty face):

The handsome hunk we call Dad:

And Mom, still toting Baby Eli on her belly:

Because many of us had Saturday afternoon obligations, our camping trip wasn't very long. We may have spent more time packing and unpacking than we actually did roughing it in the great outdoors. Still, it was worth it. Somehow camping allows you to pack tons of vivid memories memories into just a short period of time.

Here are a few of the things I will remember:
- firewood that didn't want to light
- dutch oven chicken pot pie (definitely worth the wait)
- banana boats and smores
- brazen raccoons that stole the marshmallows and came back for more
- campfire smoke that followed the unsuspecting
- hot chocolate and apple cider in the morning
- parachute games
- climbing the ladders at Turkey Run

The only sad moment was when Brittney burnt her hand while pouring boiling water.

Tooth brushing is kind of hard with blistered fingers. But hey, Brittney can smile through anything!

Some more favorite pictures:

Thanks, Jason, for the spontaneous suggestion that made lasting memories.


Anonymous said...

Terrific photos of terrific people. Keep Smiling!

Mom L said...

Oh, Kara, I miss camping, but not in the cold. Looks like you all had a great time, however! More fun memories.

Kristin said...

Not a fan of camping, packing for trips, OR (and especially) being cold...but you guys made that look like great fun! Wish we could have been there...great company!

Summer said...

We love catching up with the Wheelers. Eli is so sweet. He just looks like he belongs in your family.

jennyb said...

We loved tagging along with you experienced family campers, and now we have some goals to add to our camping equipment. I don't remember if you included this one, but we loved that chicken pot pie you made in the Dutch ovens. It was perfect on that cold night! Thanks for the invitation!

(Wow, it has been too long since I checked your blog!)