Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calico!

August 12th is a special day for our family, as both my sister and grandfather share a birthday today. Since Grandpa already enjoyed the limelight in his special "75" post, I thought I'd dedicate this one to you, Calico.

In talking to Brooklyn about what we should get Callie for her birthday, she said, "Why don't you make her a baby?"

Sorry sis, can't help you out there, but happy birthday anyway! :)


Anonymous said...

A beautiful photo of a terrific daughter! Happy Birthday & Keep Smiling Callie Helene.

Callie said...

See? Your own daughters know you and Jason should be in the baby making business. I'll take two little girls to go, please :)
Love you!

Kes LT said...

Happy Birthday, Callie!