Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Definition of a Great Day

In the words of my darling daughter, "Today was a great day."

Despite a dramatic moment when Talia got her fingers jammed in some elevator doors, we really enjoyed our Girls Day Out, with nothing on the agenda but play. When Brooklyn asked me this evening what my favorite part of today was, I thought about our morning chat while weeding the yard, craft time at the library, snuggling together for a lazy afternoon nap, and swimming until the pool closed. Still, my very favorite part of the day happened at nightfall as we tumbled in the house, slightly chilled in our wet bathing suits from the evening air. Instead of serving ice cream for dessert, I broke out the hot chocolate with marshmallows. Even more significantly, we sipped it from real china.

You see, over six years ago, I received this beautiful little china tea set as an engagement gift. Delicately adorned with pretty pink flowers, these charming little dishes have collected dust for years, safe in their packaging as they awaited the "perfect" moment to use them. Well, today I decided that there would never be a more important occasion than drinking hot chocolate with my daughters in August.

After I shared my happy memory of the day, Brooklyn shared hers. She told me that her favorite part was eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. She said it was so good that she wished we could have it for breakfast and dinner too, because then it would be a really great day.


Mom L said...

So SWEET! Every day in your home, it appears, is a memory maker.

chou said...

One of my favorite memories from childhood is playing with my mom's special dolls--she'll remember.