Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breaking Out the Bikini

My wardrobe has a new acquisition--a bikini. This may not seem like a big deal, but those of you who know me well know that I am a one-piece kind of gal. The only bikini that I can remember owning comes from a photograph that I have of me as an infant where I am made decent in the kiddie pool by two festive strawberries tied together on top.

So what inspired the purchase? Waterbirth. Assuming that all goes well, we are planning to take advantage of our hospital's birthing tub when Baby Boy arrives. Of course, this also assumes that we actually make it to the hospital in time for them to fill it up... As for the new bikini, I'm hoping that it will keep me somewhat decent (at least on top) during the whole adventure.

In general, I'm not a huge advocate of complex birth plans: it seems like this idealized vision of a "perfect birth" can lead to disappointment if things don't work out exactly as hoped. Still, water has been my therapy for the last eight months (as evidenced by my lengthy soakings in the bathtub), and I look forward to continuing the trend if possible.

When envisioning this delivery, however, one element is non-negotiable--my husband. I admit that having him so far away right now makes me a bit nervous. As long as Jasper (a family name for all unborn babies) holds off for at least another two weeks, I'll be happy as can be.

In the meantime, the girls and I will continue to enjoy our summer playtime by relaxing in the pool here in Illinois. And just in case you are concerned, I promise to spare you the sight of my basketball belly in a bikini.


Tanja said...

in which color :)

Kristin said...

Hope the birth goes smoothly. You are in my thoughts for these last couple of weeks...the end can be SO hard to endure.

For me, the last few weeks of pregnancy seem like they last 12 long years, and then suddenly like a week later it is time for the baby's first birthday! Our little one turns one on Sunday. Crazy.