Monday, July 27, 2009

The Long and Short of It

After a long drive back from Utah, a short stay in Omaha, and a quick day in Nauvoo, we are now back in Illinois and enjoying a brief reprieve from Part I of our whirlwind vacation. The break will be short, however, as Part II is soon to begin!

Assuming that all goes well, on Wednesday morning we will begin our trek out to Vermont for my Grandpa's 75th birthday celebration. We're looking forward to seeing him, as well as family and friends in Columbus and Buffalo along the way.

Overall, the girls have been truly champion car travelers. However, there are moments when they too are overwhelmed by the sheer distances we must travel. For some reason, Brooklyn got confused and thought that she was going to see her New York "cousins" in Nauvoo. In trying to help her understand, I got out the atlas and pointed to where we were in Illinois, where we had been in Utah, and where we were going in Vermont. Then I pointed out Long Island where her cousins live and showed the drive that they would make to meet us at the Vermont lake house. All of a sudden, Brooklyn broke out into sobs: "But, the drive we have is so long, and theirs is so short!

Ah, the woes of a Midwesterner...

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Mom L said...

Oh, where are those little hover cars we heard about back in the 60's that were supposed to be all the rage by now - like in the Jetsons (did you ever see that cartoon)? I love to travel, but admit that it can be too much of a good thing sometimes, too. Have a fun trip!